nobilia North America Launches 2023 Collection

nobilia offers new perspective with innovations and trends

nobilia’s Cascada cottage-style model now features the Nordic-inspired Fjord Blue.

Miami, Florida (October 4, 2022) – nobilia, the world’s largest manufacturer of European Kitchen Furniture, has introduced new and distinct collections for 2023. All are built on the latest directions driving modern design and align particularly with the individualism of tomorrow. New colors, décors and innovative detailed solutions provide additional impulses and options for attractive furnishing designs.

New grid. Individual design.

With the motto Ready to create! nobilia is completing the final step in its move to a new grid system in our 2023 collection. The new grid represents optimized and more flexible ergonomics and storage space solutions in planning and design.

nobilia has implemented more than 1,700 new grid designs for 2023. The new tall unit height 3XL has been added and the high board and tall unit heights 1 and 1XL. The XL height now features a division with two high pull-outs and has been expanded for all cottage style ranges providing clean, consistent lines in both modern and traditional designs.

In LINE N kitchens, storage space right up to the ceiling can now be put to even better use: with the new dresser units, LINE N kitchens are growing to a room height of up to three meters for seamless designs with continuous, vertical profiles.

Fronts and colors

The new front options for 2023 collection are inspired by warm colors and natural materials. The successful Easytouch range has been expanded to include a warm Taupe Grey and Neutral White. Easytouch features impressive ultra-matte surfaces and practical anti-fingerprint coating.

Senso adds to the lacquered fronts and sets itself apart from conventional surfaces in terms of look and feel thanks to its lacquer, honed Premium white design. A special anti-fingerprint coat also reduces fingerprints on the Senso surface. The velvety-warm surface of Senso invites customers to experience the beautiful sensation of touch.

Taupe Grey Basalt has been added to the StoneArt laminate range and will convince you with its deep, authentic surface texture that is reminiscent of real stone. The high-quality laminate makes StoneArt especially resistant to scratches and impacts and it excels in daily use thanks to its strong durability. The Taupe grey basalt décor is also available as an Xtra worktop and is the perfect color match to the new Easytouch in Taupe Grey.

Our range of wood reproductions in the Riva model has been expanded with Bergamo Oak, a modern wood décor with a slightly grey shade. The décor gives a warm impression and is adapted in color to the other new features in Taupe grey and Basalt. The wood texture runs vertically and is characterized by a simple strip pattern with light knots. The matte surface and the deep pores create an impactful and authentic feel. Matching the front, a worktop décor in Bergamo Oak has also been added to the collection.

nobilia’s Cascada cottage-style model now features the Nordic-inspired Fjord Blue. This color was already successfully débuted in last year’s Easytouch range. Fjord blue enriches the cottage-style segment. The cottage-style unit range has been expanded to include a decorative solution in the form of a new, open plate rack.

With the 2023 collection, the modern front division of the nobilia grid will also be available for our cottage-style fronts. This simplifies planning and ensures clean lines can still be achieved when combining classic framed doors with modern smooth fronts.

New features in detail

Seven new handle designs, six new upright panel colors and six new niche motifs complement the new nobilia collection’s surround design options. With Venato Marble, Bergamo Oak and Basalt Taupe Grey, three new décors expand the décor variety of the worktops. The multi-award-winning Xtra Ceramic worktop now features a total of five new décors.

Xtra Ceramic – Meets even the toughest demands.

This product developed in-house by nobilia features a natural appearance and exceptional usability. The worktop and niche thickness of 16 mm is achieved by bonding a real ceramic panel with a support panel made of recycled waste glass. This gives Xtra Ceramic a relatively low weight, making it easy to install. In addition, the worktops and niches have impact-resistant design edges.

Xtra Ceramic is characterized by its high-quality appearance, is waterproof even without a separate waterproofing process, and has a non-porous, easy-to-clean and hygienic surface. Its special aesthetic qualities and pleasant feel make it suitable for both kitchens and bathrooms. Xtra Ceramic – like the Xtra worktop – permits flush mounting of hot plates and built-in sinks.

New Design Solutions

In addition to the new grid options, nobilia’s 2023 collection offers a wide range of new planning and design solutions. A tall unit for bottle crates has been added to the utility room portfolio, with three holders for storing bottle crates of different sizes. Beveled to the rear, the holders allow manageable crate storage and the convenient removal of bottles.

The Gardening Box can be used to grow fresh microgreens in the base unit pull-out at any time. Special planting lights and a ventilation system are integrated in the lid of the Gardening box. These are used to control the day and night cycle for the microgreens.

Black is the new White and is still hugely popular. For this reason, the design options with black accents and many details have been consistently expanded under the “Black Edition” label. For roll-up front units, Black matt glass fronts, electric appliances, sinks and taps as well as many accessories, Black is again setting the tone in a very special way in 2023.

nobllia’s new 2023 collection, like all nobilia European Kitchen Furniture, is designed around the client’s specific requirements, and the scale and proportion of the elements in the room. Explore the unique ways to personalize kitchens through materials, color and more while embracing a truly modern style.

To view images from nobilia’s 2023 collection, click here.

About nobilia

nobilia was founded in 1945 by brothers Johann and Willy Stickling and has since grown to become the worldwide market leader for kitchen furniture with customers in over 90 countries across all continents. nobilia manufactures exclusively at two locations in Germany, producing over 3,500 kitchens daily. For more than 75 years, nobilia kitchens have delivered up-to-date personalized design, outstanding brand quality and superb value. Still family-owned and operated, the nobilia culture honors and respects its long-lasting and close customer relationships around the globe.