At nobilia, we set up a consultation with one of our experts to understand the scope and the vision of the project. Our team takes the time to listen to all stakeholders so a solution and hospitality project timeline can be tailored to each and every project. We work with the developer, the GC, the Architect and the Designers of your individual project.

nobilia talking to potential consumers

Develop the Scope of Work

After the consultation meeting, our team collaborates to develop and come up with the full scope of work and timeline; from products through logistics and installation. Each kitchen and bath design is designed to uniquely suit the individual client. We take extra care to discover our customers needs, taste and lifestyle.

professionals developing scope of work

Propose a Solution

Our team at nobilia propose solutions with designs and budgets to meet all stakeholders requirements. We offer our clients an array of design possibilities to meet their specific tastes and budgets for their unique kitchen and home design. Every cabinet and kitchen accessory work to ergonomically improve your space. Our innovative design concepts serves to unite the cooking and the living spaces. Our cabinetry is made to be durable and eco-friendly. We take great effort to continuously be at the forefront of design innovations.

nobilia product offerings

Create Drawings, Schedule Plan, and Coordinate With GC

Our team of experts work together to create detailed shop drawings, schedule a plan, and coordinate with general contractors for site specific execution plans and timelines. nobilia makes planning the kitchen easy for you: with helpful tools, planning and configurations, we want you to enjoy your nobilia kitchen for a long time to come.

nobilia creating 3D vignettes

Build & Ship

Our team works to build the kitchen and bath products and ship it to the desired client. We have technology to insure all products are received and delivered to the correct address for an efficient and complete installation. This is what makes nobilia hospitality project process streamlined and simple.

nobilia shipping crew


We use technology to document completion and communicate a successful installation. If there are any errors (damage or missing parts), the technology insures we have a replacement or repair plan in place. Should you have any questions or problems, we are here to assist you at any time.

nobilia installers

Project Close Out

nobilia prides itself on it’s efficient installation process. We believe in “doing it right the first time”. nobilia will inspect the installation of each unit and sign off on completion before the payment is submitted. No payment will be made of incomplete work. In the event that the furniture is impacted during the shipping or installation process, nobilia will ensure all parts are quickly and easily replaced. Each kitchen has a unique number for fast identification, any part associated with the specific unit can be easily identified by reading the lable and quickly reordered. nobilia will take every effort to make sure you have received the kitchen of your dreams!

nobilia project closing paperwork
nobilia final project

Completed Project

*Installation can be done by nobilia or nobilia certified professionals.