A Journey of Inspiration: Exploring German Culture, Architecture, and Design with nobilia North America

A Once-in-a-lifetime Trip for Five Talented US Interior Designers

Over the past few days, five esteemed US interior designers embarked on an extraordinary journey, graciously hosted by nobilia North America and their PR agency, White Good, to immerse themselves in the heart of German culture, architecture, and design. The purpose? To gain a deeper appreciation for nobilia European Kitchen Furniture while experiencing the profound influence of the Bauhaus movement.

The week of September 19 – 22, 2023, will forever be etched in the memories of that group of designers as they had the privilege of visiting nobilia’s Headquarters in Verl, Germany. 

Selected through a contest drawing at the prestigious Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Las Vegas earlier this year, the designers on this extraordinary journey included Gina Hacken of Gina Lauren Interiors, Jennifer Hyman of Hyman Home Interiors, Kimberly Kerl of Kustom Home Designs, Nureed Saeed of Nu Interiors, and Summer Jensen of Hawk & Co. Each designer is well-respected in the interior design and kitchen & bath industry, making this trip a perfect opportunity for them to expand their creative horizons and gain deeper insights into nobilia’s innovative kitchen solutions.

Berlin Architectural Tour from Land and Sea

#destinationnobilia began in Berlin, where they were captivated by the city’s stunning buildings during a memorable 3-hour architectural walking tour. Led by an exceptional guide, the designers marveled at the rich history that emanated from every corner, gaining a renewed sense of wonder and inspiration.

Following the walking tour, the group embarked on a relaxing 1-hour river tour by boat. The gentle flow of the river carried the designers past iconic landmarks, such as the Government district, Berlin Cathedral, and City Palace House of World Cultures, allowing them to truly appreciate the architectural marvels that surrounded each one of them. It was a blissful and refreshing experience, providing respite for their tired feet.

Berlin TV Tower & Sphere

The journey continued as the group dined at the TV Tower & Sphere, situated at a breathtaking 207 meters high. In the rotating restaurant, they savored a mouthwatering 3-course meal, while the panoramic views of the city unfolded before their eyes. With glasses raised, the group toasted to the enchantment of Germany and the beauty of its cuisine.

DDR Museum

Enveloped in a tapestry of history, day two kicked off with a visit to the DDR Museum, delving into the intricacies of everyday life in East Germany. These 5 individuals immersed themselves in the interactive exhibits, touching and feeling the remnants of a bygone era. The experience illuminated the depths of the past, allowing them to gain a deeper understanding of life behind the Berlin Wall.

The Frankfurt Kitchen

Following the DDR Museum, the group arrived to the Museum of Things, where they were met with a private tour guide who focused on elements that prepared the group before setting their eyes on the Frankfurt Kitchen Exhibit. The tour guide masterfully connected the exhibit to the Bauhaus movement, highlighting the revolutionary design by Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky. The Frankfurt Kitchen, a paragon of functionality and standardization, exemplified the principles that still shape our understanding of design today.

Hackesche Höfe

Free time was provided while exploring the well-known Hackesche Höfe. The tranquil courtyards provided a respite from the bustling city. Immersed in the creative energy that permeated the air, the group was able to enjoy numerous boutiques, adorned with Berlin-made goods. 

Bauhaus Dessau

Thursday, September 21, the group left Berlin and headed to the iconic Bauhaus Dessau, where creativity and industrial prototypes converged in an explosion of artistic experimentation.

Witnessing the profound impact of this renowned school illuminated the inherent connections to contemporary design and left the designers in awe of its enduring influence.

Herrenhausen Gardens

In contrast, the Royal Gardens in Hanover Herrenhausen allowed them to reconnect with nature. The meticulously planned landscapes enveloped them, and the Berggarten, a botanical garden teeming with vibrant flora, amazed with its beauty. From cascades of orchids to breathtaking magnolia trees and rhododendrons, the group was reminded of the timeless allure and elegance of the natural world.

Hettich Factory and Showroom Tour

On the final day, the group had the privilege of visiting the Hettich Forum, a renowned manufacturer of innovative fittings that brings nobilia’s furniture to life.

Engaged in thought-provoking conversations, they witnessed the passion and dedication behind Hettich’s craft, gaining a deeper understanding of the hidden heroes who ensure nobilia’s furniture moves with grace and functionality.

Be Inspired by nobilia

The pinnacle of the journey arrived as the group stepped foot into the nobilia HQ, met by the leadership team at nobilia North America. With delectable cuisine to savor, the group followed with a tour of nobilia’s showroom and factory, witnessing the meticulous process of product creation.

The 2024 collections tantalized design sensibilities, while the nobilia Installation Academy enlightened the group about the latest trends in kitchen installation. The designer’s appreciation for nobilia European Kitchen Furniture grew immeasurably.

As this remarkable journey came to an end, the 5 designers left Germany with hearts full of inspiration and a profound appreciation for the melding of culture, architecture, and design. The experiences shared, the connections made, and the knowledge imparted will forever shape their creative endeavors. 

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If you too wish to immerse yourself in the world of European kitchen furniture, explore the realms of nobilia North America. Open your mind to a world where design innovation meets craftsmanship, and discover the captivating beauty that lies within.