nobilia European Kitchen Furniture: It’s what’s on the inside that counts!

What is European Kitchen Furniture?  How exactly does it function? Often we find ourselves focusing on what’s on the outside of nobilia’s high-quality kitchen cabinets, how they look, and what materials are being used. Have you ever dove in to understand what’s inside these beautiful and functional European cabinets? Let’s break it down.

European Kitchen Furniture is the modern and definitive solution for streamlined organization. With a premium on durability, European Kitchen Furniture features endless possibilities, thanks to its quality materials, engineered design, and seamless installation process, for the kitchen and beyond.

nobilia Kitchen Storage Solutions & Organization Ideas

nobilia kitchen designs storage space for just about anything you may want to store in your kitchen. nobilia has created various organization systems for drawers and pull-outs. From silverware to dishes and spices, baking trays, and even small appliances – everything fits. These organized systems are available in various designs using easy-care synthetic materials, elegant solid wood, or a combination of both.

Interior features of nobilia kitchens include corner units that create perfect storage spaces in even the smallest corner. They provide customizable convenience and amazing storage access.

Tall units are storage space miracles and thanks to their intelligent interior organization and durable mechanisms, they offer lots of space to put away all manner of things but keep them within easy reach. The pantries are available in all tall unit heights and in two highboard heights. 

Small kitchen? Take advantage of the larder unit junior. The base unit with the larder pull-out Junior features two adjustable hanging baskets with wooden bottoms and a metal railing.

Additional internal drawers can be integrated into front pull-out and revolving door-type units. The internal drawer behind the front pull-outs is simultaneously also opened via a follower mechanism.

nobilia Kitchen Accessories

nobilia kitchen accessories include an electric all-purpose slicer for drawer widths of 20 inches and more. The all-purpose slicer can be folded up and stowed in a drawer to save space.

Our wide range of plastic and wooden cutting trays provides you with the finest details within drawer organization.

The organizer Pantry Box by Hailo is the ideal storage space for vegetables and bread products. A portable plastic box with an inserted mesh base for ventilation ensures that your groceries are stored in perfect condition. Suitable for 24-inch wide pull-outs.

Open-faceted shelving elements and a sideboard in the living area build on the kitchen’s style, providing space for your personal favorite items.

The modular railing system opens up new possibilities by offering a huge amount of freedom for individual design in the kitchen, living room, and bathroom. All elements can be hooked or hung in any position and moved around on the rail. Sign Emotion offers helpful system extensions for the kitchen, like a magnetic knife rack, special holders for tablet computers, coffee capsules, and paper towel rolls, as well as various versatile shelves. Made from aluminum, this system is available in black or stainless steel appearance.

The railing system Linero MosaiQ impresses with its multifaceted display and storage options. Linero MosaiQ comes with hook and shelf attachments and is perfect for towels and/or spices.

More than just the little details.

What makes a nobilia kitchen so special? nobilia’s love of detail.

Gardening & Herb shelving


Decades of experience and proven systems go into nobilia’s kitchens. As do innovations that make daily life and work so easy and functional. nobilia has been using the innovative drawer system Profi+ as its standard since 2012. Profi+ stands for one-of-a-kind motion comfort, extraordinary stability, design-overlapping aesthetics, and manifold equipment options.  Additional storage space and convenient installation and adjustment possibilities create further advantages to this unique drawer and pull-out system. 



nobilia kitchens come standard and equipped with Sensys hinges. Sensys represents the newest generation of hinge technology. The silent system cushioning is invisible and integrated into the hinge. An innovation that meets the highest standards for convenience and function. The doors close smoothly with just a slight movement of the hand. 


Say goodbye to the beloved “Junk” drawer! SpaceFlexx®,nobilia’s flexible organization system, will keep your drawer clean and decluttered. Flexible dividers keep order among the usual pile of storage containers. Virtually any kitchen utensil can be stored in SpaceFlexx®. Storage containers become easy to find and reach. SpaceFlexx® can be built into any drawer of at least 24 inches frontal width and 18.5 drawer depth. The flexible divider nesttex® Inside is elastic and adjusts to fit the contours and sizes of the stored goods. This way, SpaceFlexx® can flexibly hold utensils of different sizes and shapes securely in their place. nesttex® Inside is dishwasher-safe for convenient cleaning. The global innovation SpaceFlexx® by Kesseböhmer is exclusively available at nobilia!


Every person has a different vision of what his or her perfect kitchen looks like. Design, functionality, storage space, or ergonomics–the desires vary immensely. This is why each nobilia kitchen is planned individually. The perfect solution for any style, space, or budget to provide your dream kitchen.