Office Kitchen Remodel with nobilia’s Cascada 774

A Partnership with Pro Tool Reviews

nobilia North America takes pride in providing high-quality kitchen solutions that cater to various needs and design preferences. Our recent partnership with Pro Tool Reviews allowed us to showcase the versatility and functionality of nobilia products by remodeling their office kitchen. 

Let’s explore how the journey of transforming a small kitchen space using the nobilia Cascada 774 cabinets and how it elevated the overall aesthetics and functionality of the area.

Why Opt for a Small Kitchen Remodel? 

Pro Tool Reviews, known for their comprehensive tool testing, recognized the need for a small kitchen remodel in their office space. As the kitchen was primarily used for lunch preparation, they didn’t want to compromise on additional office areas. By opting for a small remodel, they could work within the existing space constraints, keep the kitchen easy to clean, and effectively control costs. 

Designing a Small Kitchen

To kickstart the design process, Pro Tool Reviews turned to the nobilia kitchen configurator, an online tool that allowed them to visualize different cabinet options within their space. Browsing through nobilia’s extensive range of designs, they decided on the Cascada 774, a cottage-style kitchen that perfectly complemented their office environment.

Easy Installation Process

With the old cabinets removed, Pro Tool Reviews proceeded to install the nobilia Cascada base cabinets. Installation requires little to no on-site fabrication, making the process efficient and clean. All nobilia components have been designed to accommodate integrated appliances, lighting, plumbing fixtures, functional and decorative hardware, and complementary accessories. The inclusion of adjustable plastic leveling feet made leveling and securing the base cabinets a breeze. 

The next step involved installing the nobilia pre-assembled wall cabinets, utilizing a steel bar and cleat system. While precise measurements were crucial, the straightforward installation process ensured minimal effort. The inclusion of easily removable shelves and doors made the final adjustments quick and convenient. Pro Tool Reviews also utilized nobilia’s innovative “flap doors” for the additional layer of Cascada wall cabinets, optimizing storage space in their 12-foot high-ceilinged kitchen.

Kitchen Enhancements

Backsplash Niche and Countertop

To make their small kitchen remodel truly stand out, Pro Tool Reviews chose nobilia’s Havana Oak countertop, which beautifully contrasted with the white cabinets. The countertop installation process was straightforward, using wood glue, plastic biscuits, and hardware to achieve a seamless finish. Additionally, the niche backsplash pieces were secured using liquid nails, adding a touch of elegance to the overall design.

All about the Accessories

nobilia’s commitment to detail extended beyond cabinets and countertops. Pro Tool Reviews embraced the range of accessories available, including stainless steel handles, drawer inserts, knives, and seasoning grinders and dispensers. They installed undercabinet LED lighting with adjustable color temperatures and output settings to further enhance functionality and aesthetics. The integrated routing ensured concealed wiring, resulting in a neat and polished final look.

Perfect Paired Partnership

Partnering with Pro Tool Reviews on remodeling their office kitchen was an exciting opportunity for nobilia North America. The small kitchen remodel showcased the beauty, functionality, and attention to detail that are hallmarks of our products. By utilizing the nobilia Cascada 774 cabinets, Pro Tool Reviews successfully transformed their limited office kitchen into a space that not only catered to their needs but also added a touch of sophistication to their workplace. 

Every nobilia Kitchen is Unique

Whether for individual homes or large-scale projects, nobilia offers flexible, high-end kitchen solutions that can meet diverse requirements.

If you’re looking to build or remodel a high-end kitchen or seek a customizable solution for your development project, visit to explore a range of options, designs, and configurations.