nobilia is all about COLOR.

nobilia is all about COLOR.

Color Color Color!  2023 is all about color, and we saw this trend at KBIS 2023 in Las Vegas, NV.

Everything was bright and bold, from booth designs to product colors, to even what the attendees were wearing!

Color plays a big part in designing a room and a home. nobilia European Kitchen Furniture has an array of colors ranging from neutral earthy tones to shades of blues and reds.

Millennials are leading the increase in natural and contemporary designs, especially within the kitchen and bath. Moving away from white and gray as primary colors in the kitchens with greens and blues, other nature-inspired colors are growing in prominence.

nobilia launched the Fjord Blue in the Easy Touch collection in 2022.  This year nobilia added the Fjord Blue to their Cascada collection, which was a showstopper at KBIS 2023.

Cascada 778

The name Fjord Blue is derived from natural bodies of water and inlets created by glaciers. This deep, saturated blue hue has a slightly warm undertone and layers in plenty of texture with natural and neutral wood tones. This warm blue is versatile as it adds depth, a touch of moodiness, and a nod to nature.

nobilia’s unique cabinetry has helped many modern kitchen designs become happier, fresher and bolder. Expanding this color and design system has allowed us to take creativity to the next level. 

Touch 337

Keeping with the blue hues, Touch 337 radiates a tropical mood, thanks to its gorgeous aqua-colored fronts. There is something about a beautiful peaceful color scheme with pops of blues and greens to make you feel like you are at the beach.

The past couple of years has strengthened our connection with the outdoors and elevated green to the decorating color of choice. Often paired with soft neutrals and muted earth tones, nobilia’s shades of green invoke natural influences.

Cascada 776

Green nourishes the soul. This adage also holds true for kitchen furnishings. nobilia’s Cascada 776 provides a calm oasis. As restrained as the modern cottage style is in terms of design, it is all the more easy-going in its lighthearted use of subdued colors like this stunning shade of Reed green. In combination with the large-scale use of stone décor countertops and selective wood accents, this kitchen creates a relaxed atmosphere with plenty of character.

Mineral Green Easytouch 964

Mineral Green can be seen with Easytouch 964. This color green is soothing, subtle, and a perfect shade to freshen up any space.

Easytouch 964

There’s a mind-boggling array of colors and shades to pick from for elegance and versatility. Looking for a more subtle shade, nobilia’s Easytouch 970 Taupe Grey creates a relaxing and calming ambiance and represents a modern, very elegant look.

Easytouch 970

If you’re looking for the opposite of subtle, take a look at Easytouch 963 in the ultra matte Rust Red. This cheery shade suggests young and fresh. Paired with natural wood accents provides a sense of richness.

Easytouch 963

Black is the new White and is still hugely popular. For this reason, the design options with black accents and many details have been consistently expanded under the “Black Edition” label. For roll-up front units, Black matte glass fronts, electric appliances, sinks, and taps as well as many accessories, Black is again setting the tone in a very special way in 2023.

There are other ways to incorporate color within your kitchen. nobilia’s niche claddings (backsplashes) were made to visually complete the look of your kitchen and the room. Various motifs underline your personal style.

Décor indigo blue 518

Blue-white like the sky and the sea, Décor indigo blue 518 lends exotic accents to the kitchen and bathroom – in the style of the traditional hand-painted Azulejos (ceramic tiles) from Lisbon.

Décor Patchwork 525

Décor Patchwork 525 provides a decorative element. The multicolored Décor patchwork is variegated like a quilt.

Looking for more Luxurious and expressive? Décor Golden Art 293 is black and gold and adds a touch of Art Deco to any room. Very unique!

Décor Golden Art 293

Bring nature indoors with Décor fjord 561. This niche cladding with a digital print motif radiates perfect tranquillity, almost like being at the fjord in Norway. With its forest bathed in light, Décor forest 565, the digital print motif “Décor forest” is perfect for kitchens in natural colors.

Décor fjord 561
Décor forest 565

Décor Beach 448 provides a mesmerizing view of the beach, which could perfectly pair with the aqua fronts from Touch 337.

nobilia European Kitchen Furniture is built on the latest directions driving modern design, including inspirations taken from nature, as well as an appreciation for intelligent storage solutions and smart features for a connected home.  Discover the various colors nobilia has to offer and get inspiration for your own home!