5 Niche Room Ideas for Your Home

5 Niche Room Ideas for Your Home

What is a niche room in a home?

A niche room, or as some call it a bonus room, flex room, or just extra space within a room, is essentially an area of your home that is used for various things. The purpose of a niche room is to provide a space that can be flexible and have the ability to evolve and change your home for different needs as they arise, such as working from home, a growing family, or developing new hobbies and interests.

What Can You Do with a niche Room?

There are so many ways to turn a space into a niche room.  But first, you need to decide what you need the space for. The pandemic increased the need for these niche spaces.  Many homeowners were now working from home, children were learning from home, Peloton bikes and home gyms were in higher demand, and just a need for more livable space. With a few functional pieces, you can create a room that can transition between a playroom, gym, and office depending on your needs.

Take a look at a few of nobilia’s ideas for turning your niche room into a usable and livable space.

Home Offices

Home Offices rose significantly in 2020. With more and more of us working from home, this trend continues to rise. Home office spaces provide a separate and quiet area to focus and work, all while being in the comfort of your home.

With nobilia European Kitchen Furniture, you can create a modern workspace with the perfect setup for your individual requirements. For a home office with attractive furnishings – nobilia has what you need! nobilia’s modular furniture concepts enable you to link your working and living spaces in style. No matter how big or small the available space is, you can perfectly integrate an office setup into any home with the right design.

Working from home in the heart of the city is an exciting way of living that offers a huge amount of flexibility. An intelligently structured kitchen makes improvising and organizing very easy, even in a smaller space. You can even enjoy a healthy lunch break all while enjoying your home office. Separate the home office from the kitchen and living area using opaque sliding doors that can also be left open to reveal a real eye-catcher. The unique design ensures harmony throughout.

Laser (414) / Oak Montreal Reproduction (126)

This home office design using Easytouch 966 in Fjord blue is perfectly integrated into the adjacent kitchen. The ceiling-height wall units make optimum use of the space and offer plenty of storage. Open shelves combined with a cork pinboard produce an exciting mix and visually soften the design.

Easytouch (966)

This design from nobilia’s Touch range shows just what can be achieved with a worktop, unit solutions, and the new Sign Emotion railing system: a spacious desk with all kinds of storage space and special extra features like a tablet holder and illuminated railing!

Touch (338) / Concrete Terra grey reproduction (149)

The Riva range shown in this home office space combines conventional storage solutions such as shelves and visual highlights such as glass wall units with an extended worktop. What’s better than a place to sit down and quickly grab your laptop or whatever else? 

Riva (839)

Dressing Rooms

The trend for dressing rooms is growing at a rapid pace. Dressing rooms provide the perfect storage for clothing, shoes, accessories, and even a make-up vanity…all the essential elements in one space to help you get ready for the day.

This Open Space universal organizer allows you to completely customize the division and arrangement of your drawers. The solid oak wooden trays can be flexibly combined with the aluminum partitions as you like.

nobilia’s shelving system offers you multifaceted and flexible planning options with innovative ideas, elegant design, and countless practical details for integrated contemporary home interiors.

A cozy dressing area with lots of space for clothing and other favorite pieces offers the ideal look and feel for individual plans. The pole-mounted shelving offers the ability to change as your own individual needs change.

Touch (341)

Shelf units are wonderfully suited to creating select breaks between continuous closed surfaces and setting design accents like in this image using the Laser 417.

Laser (417)

This design features LED lighting, sliding shelves, hanging space, and fjord blue base units with drawers and a seat from our Easytouch range – a versatile, multipurpose unit that helps get you ready in the morning, and also provides a sense of calm and wellbeing when you come home.

Easytouch (966)

Having a vanity area to house self-care items and get ready can instill calm in your day. This is how relaxed elegance can be! Fronts in a soft concrete look plus a spacious mirror cabinet are simply made for the urban look. The integrated dressing table adds a personal element in the overall concept, This is how relaxed elegance can be! Fronts in a soft concrete look plus a spacious mirror cabinet are simply made for the urban look, creating a new favorite place for her.

Riva (842)

This dressing-table design from our Easytouch and Structura ranges would fit well into a walk-in closet, bedroom alcove, or as an extension of a wardrobe. The LED mirror and floating storage unit with open shelving, drawers, and cabinets add more function and versatility.

Easytouch and Structura ranges


What is better than having an extra space for your kids to play and keep all of their toys in one area?

This living room design from our Artis range offers a streamlined structure, light matte colors, and wood finishes that are easy to maintain and fit many styles. The corner shelving unit keeps games, books, or supplies at hand when you want to use, display, or store them.

Artis Range

Take advantage of this niche space and combine the nursery and changing room with the playroom, and what better way than by adding a pop of color! nobilia’s integrated shelves go hand in hand with the cabinet fronts. Different colored elements like cabinets or tie in various shelving systems for additional storage. This yellow color brings a ray of sunshine into any room.

Focus Range – Color Concepts in Canary Yellow

Home Theatre

An extra room is great for setting up a home movie theater. Custom furniture allows you to relax and entertain with function and style.

Dark colors work well for movie theaters because they don’t reflect the light and can set the mood to unwind after a long and stressful day. The bottom cabinetry concrete look creates the perfect backdrop and very contemporary ambiance for contrasting cupboards in rust red with ultra matte anti-fingerprint surfaces.

Not all lighting is created equal! The right lighting can make or break the entire home theatre vibe. Recessed lighting that can be dimmed or turned off is the best kind of lighting for these niche rooms.

With the radio remote control, you can control light scenarios in 4 different areas. Brightness, as well as light colors, can be regulated separately. With the “Gateway” module you can also control the functions through your Smartphone or tablet. nobilia’s wall units with continuous integrated LED light strips to create a uniform and glare-free area lighting. Shelves on open-shelf units can be equipped with an LED light strip as well. This allows you to create customized lighting accents in your home theatre, precisely where you want them.

By having a separate space for entertainment, you won’t have to worry about disturbing the rest of the family when you want to watch an action movie late at night. This room can even serve as an additional living room or even a library like in the design shown here using nobilia’s York collection. With the combination of an open shelving system and the lower pull-outs, this room offers a lot of storage opportunities!

York Range

This modern theatre design with a touch of monochrome adds another aesthetic highlight.

Touch Range

While there are certain necessary elements that go into a theater space, such as the audiovisual equipment, the right furniture, and the perfect size screen, there’s a lot of room for your own personal touch. Functionality is key, but remember to consider form as well, selecting items that fit your desired overall aesthetic to create a particular mood. Build the ultimate home theater experience with nobilia European Kitchen Furniture.

Pantry / Utility Room

Many times, we are looking to find areas and spaces to put all the things that we use on a daily basis, but we do not necessarily want these items to be visible to everyone who walks through the home. Typically, some of these items end up in the basement, out of the way.

However, they become out of sight, out of mind, and no longer readily accessible for everyday use. This has led to homeowners designing pantries and utility rooms.

Since this room often must serve many functions within a small footprint, a design that is both functional and ergonomic, with clever customizable solutions is an absolute must.

Whether you are looking to add laundry, household cleaning, pantry storage, and even additional counter space. nobilia’s extensive assortment along with a multitude of practical accessory items enables optimum utilization of space, which is tailored perfectly to your needs.

Plenty of storage and maximum convenience. This laundry room is a real storage wonder. Modern pull-out technology and organizing solutions ensure order and convenient access.

Laser (427)

A hidden pantry room for easy access and a special space just for the things you need in your kitchen!  Ever imagine “sliding” a room away? Our sliding doors can tuck a utility room out of sight and look like a unique feature rather than just doors – serving design and function in spades.

A compact kitchen design like this one from nobilia’s Laser range can be a good option for a pantry. A second sink and extra cabinets provide additional preparation and storage space that can be customized to fit your needs.

Laser Range

niche rooms can help enhance your home, and your overall lifestyle, whether it’s a relaxing spot to unwind, and meditate to more of a structured, organized area to work, study, and focus, nobilia provides unlimited ideas and inspiration.