All About EKF (European Kitchen Furniture)


You have heard us reference EKF before. But do you really know what EKF is? EKF is short for European Kitchen Furniture. But what exactly is European Kitchen Furniture? European Kitchen Furniture is the modern and definitive solution for the streamlined organization. With a premium on durability, European Kitchen Furniture features near endless possibilities, and thanks to its engineered design, provides a quick and seamless installation process.


When it comes to European Kitchen Furniture – there are 4 foundational elements:

  • Flexibility
  • Intelligently constructed
  • Personalized components
  • User-centered design

European Kitchen Furniture features endless possibilities, thanks to its quality materials, engineered design and seamless installation process, for the kitchen and beyond.

German engineering, coupled with the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art technologies, guarantees exceptional quality in every nobilia component.


Selected materials, excellent workmanship, and perfection right down to the finest detail! nobilia European Kitchen Furniture is developed and manufactured according to the highest quality standards. nobilia’s products are made exclusively in Germany and manufacture more than 3,500 different cabinets in highly automated production.

Every nobilia kitchen is absolutely unique. Every single kitchen is individually planned and made with the utmost precision. From receipt of goods to production and delivery, nobilia has created a sophisticated control system for all process steps to guarantee the high quality of every single kitchen.

In addition to the testing stations, up to 21 complete fitted kitchens are put through the paces of a quality audit every day. Quality, environment and energy have been core to our company philosophy since the beginning. As the world’s largest manufacturer of European Kitchen Furniture, nobilia is able to ensure their products meet international quality (ISO 9001), environmental (ISO 14001) and energy (ISO 50001) guidelines.


The philosophy of Intelligent Construction maximizes every bit of the component capabilities, including offering more storage space through full-access design. Modular units stand on legs and pillars to prevent water seepage and to allow for easy leveling of floor components. Plinth panels unify the horizontal lines and technologically advanced materials that meet stringent global sustainability requirements and are incredibly durable. This allows for optimized construction in the plant and on the job site. Additionally, installation is clean and simple and doesn’t require a master carpenter or cabinet-maker skills.

In addition to the outstanding selection of individual functional “kitchen aids,” nobilia has focused intensively on the attractive design of the kitchen and further developed our kitchen system. The result is a selection of design elements that are not only practical but also beautiful. For open concept kitchens and adjacent living and dining areas, there is a multiplicity of beautiful design solutions with decorative pull-outs, sliding doors, or bar flaps.

Gain practical storage space within nobilia cabinetry. Behind nobilia flap doors, you will find storage possibilities for small kitchen appliances, cutting boards, your kitchen knives and much more. The cabinetry and open shelf units are available in all colors.

Modular shelving systems are possibly one of the most versatile furnishing trends. They can be planned and designed individually and flexibly integrated into the most diverse living situations. In bathrooms or kitchens, as a customized feature in living or dining areas, or in walk-in closets – the individual shelves always have an aesthetic appeal, right down to the small individual elements.

The system includes shelves, glass shelves, coat rails, wooden boxes with optional plant units, and various cabinet elements. Everything can be planned with different heights and naturally includes effective LED lighting on request. Recessed panels are optionally available with integrated LED lighting. The coloring of the lighting is infinitely adjustable.

Tall cabinet units are storage space miracles and thanks to their intelligent interior organization and durable mechanisms, they offer lots of space to put away various items not used often but allow them to be within easy reach.


When we think about Flexibility, we think about the ability to adapt to a variety of living environments. Components can be reconfigured and are easily removed and moved as spaces need to adjust. All components are built on a consistent grid-based concept unlike anything seen in traditional cabinetry.

In Europe, it’s common for entire kitchens to be moved from home to home, and while that level of flexibility hasn’t made its way stateside yet, European Kitchen Furniture is primed to adapt and grow with you, your family, your clients, and your customers.

From the living room and dining room to the kitchen and bathroom: nobilia’s flexible system and a large selection of cabinet fronts, surfaces, and countertops make it possible to either decorate your home in a similar style or make every room different.


nobilia European Kitchen Furniture offers personalized components to fit various lifestyles. Following the latest styles in kitchen design trends, nobilia continues to incorporate new technology solutions, nature-inspired themes, and other European trends.

nobilia knows how important not only your kitchen is to you, but the entire living space. Every detail, from cabinet layout and design to lighting and functionality is thought out and accounted for to ensure that your home not only looks beautiful but functions seamlessly for you.

From modern to cottage, white to red, nobilia has it all! You can go totally futuristic space-age with a high-gloss and lacquered ultra-modern city look or go completely retro with shiny cabinets and silver appliances.

This kitchen composition from our Natura and Touch ranges features a variety of storage and design options. The Montreal oak reproduction and white matte décor look natural and modern, but open shelving, glass fronts, and a spacious island with under-counter storage complete the package.

With thousands of different components and configurations, European Kitchen Furniture is built with decades of engineering know-how that has perfected the art of component construction to a literal science.


And finally, European Kitchen Furniture delivers on User-Centered Design principles, offering options for accessibility and Universal Design. Components are ergonomic, adjusting for various height needs. Innovative storage and flap systems, along with integrated lighting make interaction comfortable and efficient.

nobilia’s products are perfectly planned, focusing on continuous line management, right down to the finest detail. This symmetry is made possible thanks to tall, wall, and dresser cabinets perfectly adapted to the cabinet heights of the base units.

Everyone is different and therefore needs a working height customized to suit them. nobilia’s height system allows working heights of between 66.2cm and 110.2cm, and four cabinet and counter heights are available to choose from. The combination of base cabinets and pedestal heights means that even the storage space can be maximized while keeping almost the same working height.

For various activities such as preparation, cooking and washing up, we also offer the respective ergonomically suitable and thus relaxing active height. Individual fine tuning is achieved using four different base heights and three worktop heights.

nobilia European Kitchen Furniture is NOW

nobilia European Kitchen components meet the highest standards when it comes to construction, stability, safety and longevity, with quality that has been tested and certified. Along with all of our components, extremely durable metal crossbars, functional protection plates and robust connecting fittings guarantee “quality made in Germany.”

Everything has its purpose in modern interior design. From the clean lines of door fronts to integrated lighting and storage options, every component is designed to perform.

nobilia’s goal is to provide every customer with exactly the kitchen they want. As unique as the people living in them.