What is your nobilia collection style?

Design Styles

Everyone has a style, whether it’s your own personal style, fashion style, or interior design style.  Your style stems from who you are, and what you enjoy. It’s a way to showcase your personality throughout everyday living.

Choosing a style to incorporate into your home can be easy, fun, and sometimes challenging. Where you live and your surroundings can also help influence your design style.

The individual heart of every home! Be inspired by examples of furnishing styles that suit your personal lifestyle. From Traditional, and Contemporary to Bohemian, Mid-Century Modern, and Farmhouse style, there is something for everyone!

Trending design styles for 2022

According to the NKBA Design Trends Report for 2022, new kitchen design trends are emerging from new technology solutions, nature, inspired themes and European trends. Transitional kitchen designs continue to be the most popular, design; however millennials are opting for organic, natural styles and contemporary designs that are quickly becoming prominent in both kitchen and bath trends.

nobilia European Kitchen Furniture

nobilia European Kitchen Furniture takes a streamlined design adding modern confidence. Honoring “form follows function” philosophy of the Bauhaus, where technology-driven materials also deliver on strength and durability, nobilia Modern Kitchens reflect what’s now and next, always with an eye on the future. Everything has its purpose in modern interior design. From the clean lines of door fronts to integrated lighting and storage options, every component is designed to perform.

nobilia Riva 842

Using modern approaches to design allows nobilia to offer solutions no matter the size, from small spaces to wide open floor plans. And while white kitchens remain timeless, explore the unique ways to personalize your own kitchen through materials, color and more while embracing your true design style.

nobilia’s Flash 453

nobilia design styles defined

Today, the kitchen is the heart of the home. The borders between cooking, eating, and living have long disappeared – rooms and their functions merge together more and more enhancing the open floor concept. And just like our own personal taste and style, kitchens can be just as unique. nobilia offers a wide variety of styles, innovative design, and attention to all the little details you may want to include. 

nobilia Touch 341

Build new traditions with a modern edge that will outlast every trend with nobilia European Kitchen Furniture. Let’s dive right in and see which nobilia design style is right for you.


Transitional design is what we like to call the happy medium of interior design styles. Transitional is the perfect combination of two very different styles. By combining traditional elements with modern accents create a warm, interesting and welcoming kitchen design.

nobilia’s Nordic 782

nobilia’s Nordic 786 collection further expanded its color selection by adding Slate Grey. Although the entire Nordic collection follows the cottage style, Nordic 786 has been updated with cornices, pilasters, and a new modern framed glass door with a horizontal division taking on more traditional elements with a modern flare.

The shade slate grey shown here, is the charming, more muted alternative to our light shades and looks contemporary, modern and individual. The framed glass doors in a Scandinavian design present a real eye-catcher. This new style creates a relaxed atmosphere with plenty of character creating a more transitional kitchen.

Modern Contemporary

Modern Kitchens reflect the here and now. Modern kitchen designs are generally characterized by a clean and minimal look. Modern environments tend to rely on the principle that less is more. nobilia’s modern collections have clean lines with smooth, sleek surfaces.  nobilia’s modern kitchens feature either a flat panel or a handleless door. 

nobilia Structura 403

Those who like clear lines and muted colors will love the design of Structura 403. The expressive cabinet fronts in Nero oak and the elegant designer glass fronts join forces to create a timelessly modern ambiance.

LINEN XL – LUX 819 gives this modern kitchen a whole new dimension and is transformed into an absolute showstopper thanks to targeted lighting effects.

nobilia’s LUX 819

White continues to rank among the most popular furnishing colors. White is unobtrusive, it creates the illusion of space, making rooms look and feel larger. In addition, white is incredibly versatile and changeable. White can hold its own against colored accents and vibrant contrasts as well as with cool metals and natural wood tones, making it the perfect choice for both small and large modern spaces.

These are just many of the reasons why nobilia has now added Alpine White to the exclusive glass-looking cabinet fronts. An exceptional look with an exciting depth effect. Artis 938 in Alpine White, paired with the matte, deep black Xtra Ceramic countertop, creates a strong contrast and a modern design.

nobilia’s Artis 938 in Alpine White

Whether wood, lacquer, or glass – a modern kitchen from nobilia convinces with its self-confident design, extravagant elements and high-quality equipment. The combination of the most varied materials ensures that modern kitchens are never boring and always have an eye on the future.

Industrial Modern

If you love the pure look of professional kitchens, you can now opt for a cool steel appearance – the whole space immediately takes on a relaxed industrial feel. The front cabinets contribute to the style-define stainless-steel appearance and lend a touch of industrial chic to the kitchen. The basics for this effect: are cabinet fronts with matching upright panels and plinth panels. Cool and timeless at the same time.

nobilia’s Inox 216

Concrete is on-trend and offers lots of room to play with when it comes to design. With this design below in a black concrete appearance, it was important to us to integrate storage space in an intelligent way, such as in the functional niche. Thanks to the black cabinetry body, conspicuous light-colored joints between the dark fronts are avoided. A modern glass wall unit enhances the room.

nobilia Speed 288

For small floor plans which are typical of urban living, creative planning is a must. This intelligently structured nobilia kitchen makes everyday living very easy, even in a smaller space. Everything is perfectly integrated, including your own personal Urban flair. The home office can be separated from the kitchen and living area by opaque sliding doors. The uniform design ensures harmony throughout.

nobilia’s Laser 414

Traditional Classic

Classic kitchens never go out of style. Classic elements join forces with modern aesthetics to give a timeless delicacy to nobilia’s traditional classic design style. nobilia Classic Kitchens feature sophisticated elegance, clean lines and practical functionality appealing across generations with desired traditional touches. Whether the smallest of spaces or wide-open floor plans, nobilia inspires with their attention to detail. An abundance of versatile options, including a shaker door front, results in spaces that are thoughtful and chic.

If you would rather avoid fleeting interior design trends in favor of timelessly modern kitchen styles that can be enjoyed for many years to come, then Laser 417 is right for you. The light, monochromatic décors and design feature balance out the accents with the tone-on-tone cabinetry and countertops.

nobilia’s Laser 417

Explore the unique ways to personalize your own kitchen through materials, color and more while embracing an updated take on a classic design – the possibilities are virtually endless.

Modern Cottage

nobilia’s Cascada 772

The cottage style can be described as cozy and comforting. nobilia Cottage Kitchens effortlessly exude feelings of solace and belonging. Warm shades of wood are the perfect backdrop to make accents pop. Modern lines create a distinct geometry, without limiting a kitchen’s cottage retreat flair. nobilia’s Modern Cottage is an updated take on shaker doors and rustic country kitchens. The cottage-style kitchen is perfect for any phase of life and is also a place where one can feel right at home.

Reed green fronts set the stage for this charming, light-filled kitchen composition from our Cascada range. Shaker-style doors and warm timber décor on the island make this design especially cozy and inviting for a family meal.

As cottage-inspired kitchens continue to evolve with nobilia’s streamlined aesthetic, they retain the details that keep this style a highly coveted look.

nobilia’s SYLT 851

Modern Farmhouse

A longing for the country life! The country Farmhouse style is on-trend and offers lots of freedom for individual interpretation. Warm and approachable with unmistakable style, the modern farmhouse design shares similar characteristics to cottage styles. Vintage fixtures and accessories such as chandeliers, farmhouse sinks, and ornate rugs are used to produce a charming farmhouse aesthetic.

Farmhouse Kitchens draw all eyes with a modern interpretation of a new classic, featuring high-quality materials, combined with a high degree of functionality. Whether you’re looking for cozy romantic or traditional with classic cornice shelves and pilasters, or simpler Scandinavian, nobilia’s front cabinetry solutions focus on individual style elements that look as though they have been made especially for your own personal Farmhouse kitchen. Discover the possibilities when tradition and modernity meet.

Natural living / Organic Modern

Design trends are taking inspiration from nature. nobilia Natural Living Kitchens beautifully blend the desire for natural elements with sophisticated designs for inviting atmospheres. Authentic wood looks create kitchens with flair, especially when combined with beautifully coordinated colors and accents.

This year nobilia added to its range of wood looks with NATURA. The new collection follows the principles of one of the most important drivers of 20th-century modern design philosophy, the Bauhaus.  NATURA is the perfect combination of efficiency, streamlined design, and integration, along with benefits like light- and water resistance, as well as impact and shock resistance. Its anti-fingerprint effect provides a design that invites touch.

STRUCTURA 405 kitchen design in expressive Sierra oak reproduction exudes calm, naturalness and individuality. The generously proportioned floorplan allows for an integrated dining area and a free-standing island.

nobilia’s STRUCTURA 405

For a modern mix with a natural look, Riva 893 provides an elegant mix of cabinet fronts in Sanremo oak and exquisite Black glass. The new wood décor with synchronous pore finish merges innovative surface technology with an unprocessed appearance. The Riva model is available with the handle-less LINE N kitchen for a more contemporary look, or with handles for a more traditional style.

Modern Coastal

There is something about a beautiful peaceful color scheme with pops of blues and greens to make you feel like you are at the beach…even when you are not. Much like the cottage design, the coastal style evokes a light and airy feel. Create the coastal, beach-theme look and feel that works best for you.

The coastal living design blends classic elements of traditional coastal and nautical design with the sleekness and freshness that’s become the calling card of modern, contemporary style. Whether you are looking for coastal elegance, beach chic vibes, a Hamptons style, or a cottage feel, you can channel the tranquility and comfort of a seaside excursion through the lens of contemporary, casual design.

nobilia’s Fjord blue is perfect for combining with light décors and colors for that true nautical look.

nobilia’s EasyTouch in Fjord Blue

Tie in nobilia’s nautical or beautiful blue and gray backsplashes to bring the beachy vibes right into your kitchen. Or select one of nobilia’s many white, gray, blue, or even green cabinet fronts to outfit your kitchen. Choose from the traditional, cottage, or modern styles to capture your true style while mastering coastal design.

nobilia’s Focus 467

What is your design style?

Every nobilia kitchen is absolutely unique. Every single kitchen is individually planned and made with the utmost precision. nobilia’s goal is to provide every customer with exactly the kitchen they want. As unique as the people living in them.  Time to put these nobilia design styles to work and start planning your dream kitchen!