nobilia 2022 Color(s) of the Year

In search of the biggest color trends for 2022? Color plays a big part in designing a room, and home.

nobilia EASYTOUCH 964

2022 Design Trends

The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) shared their 2022 Design Trends Report at the start of 2022, noting new colors, tones, and particular finishes aligning with nature-inspired design.

The report showcased that Millennials are leading the increase in natural and contemporary designs, especially within the kitchen and bath. Moving away from white and gray as primary colors in the kitchen, designers expect nature-inspired colors to grow in prominence, notably greens and blues.

nobilia Cascada 776 – Reed Green

The same follows suit with bathroom designs as warmer colors, and influences from nature will have a substantial impact on emerging bathroom design trends within the next three years. Whites/Off Whites will be a popular neutral bathroom color scheme with some pops of color. We will see more pops of greens, blues, whites, grays, and wood tones. For fixtures, the trend is toward more matte and brushed finishes in black, stainless, nickel, and pewter.

Additionally, designers see increased natural light with large high-performance windows and doors for outdoor access becoming more prominent, as homeowners continue to create outdoor living, dining and cooking areas outside the home.

Color of the Year 2022

Each year a color is announced that marks what is on-trend and represents the year to come. And just as the NKBA Design Report shares, the 2022 Color of the year was right on-trend.

nobilia EASYTOUCH 964

Pantone, Behr & Dulux chose a blue 2022 color of the year. And Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, and PPG chose a green color for the year 2022. Green and blue are wonderfully natural and calming color tones, that can be added to every room of the house.

Let’s dive in a little further on one of these colors, Sherwin Williams – Evergreen Fog. This color green is soothing, subtle, and a perfect shade to freshen up any space.

nobilia EASYTOUCH 964

Simple, yet sophisticated, Evergreen Fog SW 9130 is a versatile and calming hue, and interchangeable color of green-meets-gray, with just a bit of blue.

Tans, creams, and browns are the perfect nature-inspired palette, creating a modern, organic feel when paired with Evergreen Fog. This palette creates a space that feels natural and easy-going, but also very relaxing and comfortable.

Sherwin Williams, Evergreen Fog brings a little of the outside in and created a welcoming and serene room.

nobilia, inspired by nature

nobilia European Kitchen Furniture has always been one step ahead in design trends. So, when the new colors and collections were announced for 2022, it was no surprise that nobilia introduced new shades of blues and greens.

nobilia FOCUS 460

nobilia European Kitchen Furniture is built on the latest directions driving modern design, including inspirations taken from nature, as well as an appreciation for intelligent storage solutions and smart features for a connected home.

The past year has strengthened our connection with the outdoors and elevated green to the decorating color of choice. There’s a mind-boggling array of shades to pick from for elegance and versatility. Often paired with soft neutrals and muted earth tones, these new nobilia shades of green and blue invoke natural influences and bring a sense of calm, clear energy into homes.

nobilia EASYTOUCH 964

nobilia’s Mineral Green color found in EASYTOUCH 964, is a warm tone with a touch of grey. This new Soft green, similar to Sherwin Williams – Evergreen Fog, takes it inspiration directly from nature and follows the trend of calm, gentle colors. nobilia’s new Mineral Green offers a subtle hue that is perfect for countless combinations and creates a relaxed ambiance. This is the perfect color for combining minimalism with a natural look.

Take a look at EASYTOUCH 964 – Smart and beautiful! The U-shaped design has so much more to offer than just elegant design. It surprises with intelligent details such as a particularly smart access door solution in cabinet look for the connected utility room.

nobilia EASYTOUCH 966 – Fjord Blue

Additionally, EASYTOUCH 966 offers a new shade called Fjord blue, which derives its name from natural bodies of water and inlets created by glaciers. This deep, saturated blue hue has a slightly warm undertone and layers in plenty of texture with natural wood tones and neutral textures and looks particularly elegant when combined with gold-colored elements.

The EASYTOUCH 966 allows one to discover new freedoms. Such as enjoying that lovely moment of relaxation with a cup of tea in your dream kitchen after a long walk along the beach. The simplicity of the design means that the exclusive details have an even greater impact. With this design, an interplay of matte blue fronts, a recess made from quartz and gold-colored design elements gives every day a special touch.

Both EASYTOUCH 964 and 966 connect to nature and evoke feelings of balance and vibrancy. The new collection also features an anti-fingerprint coating meant to keep kitchens fresh.

Although these two particular shades stem from new design trends, nobilia has been creating natural, modern designs in shades of green and blue hues for decades. Always ahead of the curve when it comes to function and flexibility, nobilia offers the latest in kitchen convenience, coupled with calming tones to evoke a sense of wellbeing.

nobilia TOUCH 337 – Aqua Super Matte

TOUCH 337 provides a blend of blues and greens with this Aqua Super Matte shade. Thanks to its striking aqua-colored cabinetry, this kitchen radiates a cheery, happy mood – and at the same time – makes the daily routine as comfortable as possible. Appliances are state-of-the-art, and the kitchen is designed according to ergonomic principles.

nobilia Cascada 776

Green nourishes the soul. Cascada 776 provides a green oasis. As restrained as the modern cottage style is in terms of design, it is all the more easy-going in its lighthearted use of subdued colors like this stunning shade of Reed green. In combination with the large-scale use of stone décor on the countertop and the selective wood accents, this kitchen creates a relaxed atmosphere with plenty of character.

There is something about a beautiful peaceful color scheme with pops of blues and greens. What do you think of the 2022 color trends? Whether you are planning a home remodel or a new installation, your options are endless!

Explore the unique ways to personalize your own kitchen through materials, color and more while embracing a natural spirit. Check out nobilia’s other new collections, or have a look into more nature-inspired options here.