Multigenerational Living is Here to Stay

What is Multigenerational Living?

A Multigenerational home is a household that consists of more than two adult generations living under the same roof or grandparents living with adult children and their grandchildren. According to the U.S Census Bureau defines a multigenerational home is a household that consists of more than two adult generations living under the same roof or grandparents living with grandchildren under the age of 25. 

According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), multifamily housing rose nearly 11 percent in December.  This is the highest monthly number of multifamily units built in any year since the 1980s when tax code changes made an investment in rental housing more attractive. In contrast, single-family housing starts fell by 2.3 percent to a 1.17-million-unit annual rate.

Benefits of Multigenerational Living

What is the benefit to multigenerational living? Multigenerational homes allow families, either close relatives or extended family, equal space to live harmoniously under one roof. The open floor plan concept compliments multigenerational living as it provides a more versatile space where grandparents can spend time with grandchildren in the family room as parents prep for dinner close by in the kitchen. (Credit:

Multigenerational living leads the way into living in place. Benefits can include but are not limited to items such as:

  • Larger islands for easier food prep
  • More open spaces between rooms
  • Easy to clean cabinets and counter
  • More storage/less clutter
  • Non-slip floor/tile in tub or shower/Seats in tub or shower
  • Vanities with recessed areas for wheelchairs
  • Wider doorways and/or attractive grab bars

Specifically, for boomers, they are looking more towards the benefits of simplified living, having a home that’s cozy and calming, or a bathroom that heals the body and promotes wellness and well-being.

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Multigenerational Living and European Kitchen Furniture

So how does European Kitchen Furniture help the multigenerational living? European Kitchen Furniture makes multigenerational living a breeze by introducing designs that explore how the changing lifestyles of homeowners, as they relate to both functional and emotional needs, are influencing kitchen and bath designs.

User-Centered Design

European Kitchen Furniture delivers on User-Centered Design principles, offering options for accessibility and Universal Design. Components are ergonomic, adjusting for various height needs. Innovative storage and flap systems, along with integrated lighting make interaction comfortable and efficient.

Intelligently Constructed

The philosophy of Intelligent Construction maximizes every bit of the component capabilities, including offering more storage space through full-access design.


When we think about Flexibility, we think about the ability to adapt to a variety of living environments. European Kitchen Furniture can be reconfigured and are easily removed and moved as spaces need to adjust. All components are built on a consistent grid-based concept unlike anything seen in traditional cabinetry.

Multigenerational Living: New Take on an Old Tradition

Multiple generations living under the same roof was the norm decades ago. Today, the trend is becoming common once more. The pandemic brought many families together under one roof. During the pandemic, families worried about easy access to elderly family members in nursing homes and at times needed the help of grandparents to watch after their children.

Multigenerational families have the luxury of seeing each other every day. These families tend to develop closer relationships by living under one roof, compared to families that may only see each other on special occasions.

The age group consisting of 18 to 34 reported that they lived with their parents much more often than any other type of living arrangement. Why? Younger generations are marrying later in life and choosing to live with their parents for economic reasons. Multigenerational households can share homeowner responsibilities. These millennials and younger generations can help with the physical work such as mowing the lawn or moving furniture is a nice trade-off so that the older generation can focus on less physically demanding tasks.

The Hottest Home Trend Is About Making Room for the Entire Family

Today, the kitchen is the heart of the home, and even more so in a multigenerational living space. The most common quality buyers seem to be looking for is more space. Families of all sizes are now on the lookout for more square footage. The borders between cooking, eating, and living have long disappeared – rooms and their functions merge together more and more.  Homebuyers today are looking at well thought out floorplans, and dedicated workspaces for both adults and small children, especially with more and more of us working from home.

With nobilia, you can create a modern workspace with the perfect setup for your requirements. nobilia’s modular furniture concepts enable you to connect your working and living spaces in style. No matter how big or small the available space is, you can perfectly integrate an office setup into any home with the right design.

This home office is a great way to connect your living spaces. The office can be separated from the kitchen and living area by opaque sliding doors but is a real eye-catcher even when the door is left open. The uniform design ensures harmony throughout.

Homeowners and their families are discovering new ways to get the most out of homes that help fit their lifestyles. Multigenerational living provides a functional and engaging way for many Americans looking for livable space that is as flexible as they are.

Contemporary and transitional designs are overtaking traditional designs in virtually all areas of the home.

Nordic 786 is a perfect example of a well-designed multigenerational bathroom. Various wall cabinet elements and shelf units are beautifully arranged and offer an incredible amount of space for everything you need in the bathroom. The modern cottage style in a warm grey shade provides a cozy vibe for any age. Beautiful highlights include the flexible and airy railing system combined with elegant mirrors. The walk-through shower and lowered cabinetry make it easy for children or the elderly that may be in a wheelchair easier access to get the items they need.

Living in Place Design and Multigenerational Living

“Living in Place” is an ever-growing trend for both Boomers and millennials. A lot of millennials are now buying their forever home rather than starter home and choosing to make living in place investments so their home will last them a lifetime. As Americans live longer, families are choosing to provide from within the family unit versus seeking corporate nursing home care or assisted living facilities.

Living in place/aging in place ideals are essential for multigenerational homes! Today’s kitchen and bath innovations make these spaces highly accessible such as touchless faucets, zero-threshold showers with hidden drains, walk-in tubs, wall-mounted toilets, and easy to install hand-showers. European Kitchen Furniture allows for adjustable counter heights making it easier for wheelchair-bound users to reach. Touch to open cabinetry, overhead lift-up cabinets, and sensor-operated opening systems also makes it more convenient to access cabinet storage. Multiple generations can live in the same home in comfort, handicapped consumers can lead easier lives, and Boomers can feel safe knowing their home is ready for them as they age. nobilia provides the perfect environment for European Kitchen Furniture and the entire family!

nobilia European Kitchen Furniture brings new meaning to Multigenerational living

nobilia European Kitchen Furniture provides the ability to adapt to a variety of living environments. Designed for the way we live now, nobilia European Kitchen Furniture delivers flexibility, intelligent construction, personalized components, and user-centered design. It’s an entirely different solution for those looking for contemporary, durable, and adaptable kitchen furniture. These components can be reconfigured and are easily removed and moved as spaces need to adjust and are built on a consistent grid-based concept unlike anything seen in traditional cabinetry.

In Europe, it’s common for entire kitchens to be moved from home to home, and while that level of flexibility hasn’t made its way stateside yet, European Kitchen Furniture is primed to adapt and grow with you, your family, your clients, and your customers.

Today, nobilia North America brings the same efficiency, streamlined design, and integration needed to serve over 90 countries with over $1.5 billion dollars in revenue.  From kitchens to living spaces to personal bathroom and wellness spaces, nobilia European Kitchen Furniture is built for living a multigenerational lifestyle.