Small Spaces and City Scapes

Decorating and designing for smaller spaces is an art, so this month we will highlight the art of making downtown apartments and condos luxurious. 

At nobilia North America, we know how important not only your kitchen is to you, but the entire living space. Every detail, from cabinet layout and design to lighting and functionality is thought out and accounted for to ensure that your home not only looks beautiful but functions seamlessly for you.

A tiny kitchen doesn’t mean you need to forgo cooking and live off of takeout! From kitchen storage ideas to smart shelving tips, you can make even the smallest kitchen work for your needs. With small dishwashers for small spaces, apartment-sized appliances, and small kitchen islands, you just might be able to squeeze in everything you want to have in your kitchen.

A wall-mounted table from our Speed range takes up little space and allows more room for dining and cooking in small spaces.

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Shelfing systems for every part of your home

When designing your new space, use the adjacent living areas in your concept as well. You can furnish living rooms, dining rooms and wardrobes in a unified design style with your open concept kitchen using cabinetry elements, shelving systems and wall shelves.

Practicality and simplicity are important to overall well-being, and to nobilia’s design philosophy. Try floating pieces, such as shelves or cabinetry, to keep the ground clear of obstacles and create space for extra storage beneath if needed. This floating system option from our Fashion range combines cabinets with open shelving to maximize space and peace of mind when planning your space.

Shelf units are an important design element when planning furnishings. They add a cozy touch to kitchen designs, contrast beautifully with continuous surfaces, and are the perfect way to frame unique decorative items.

nobilia European Kitchen Furniture has come recently come out with a wide range of shelves giving every room a greater sense of openness and offering a whole host of individual options for use. 

With 30 colors and décors ranging from classic to ultra-modern, the new color palette for our shelves is designed to complement your style. The faceted shelf unit with its exciting contour and 6 additional surface colors provide even more variety. Decorate with beautiful things, keep your favorite items close at hand or simply create order – our shelving systems are open for anything. Large or small? Our shelving elements are available in many shapes, sizes, and layouts, making them easy to accommodate any space and design.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Bold

Having a small space doesn’t mean it has to be dull and boring. You can still go bold with color and embrace your living space.

Design your space to match that of your own personality. Our intelligent and high-quality system furniture offers lots of freedom when it comes to materials, colors and dimensions. 

With red, you can go totally futuristic space-age with a high-gloss and lacquered ultra-modern city look, or go completely retro with shiny cabinets and silver appliances.

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A modern, sleek, black kitchen is a perfect addition for any urban space or small home.

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The copper and bronze accents in this room are super chic. The 340 Touch kitchen paired with a view overlooking the cityscape would make a great statement.

Focus on Lighting

Small spaces can often end up feeling dark due to narrow spaces, or limited window outlets to let in that natural sunlight. nobilia’s lighting systems not only perfectly illuminate workspaces but also create a pleasant atmosphere. Be sure to add plenty of light sources in every room, from the kitchen to the bedroom, and even the bathroom. 

Wall units provide storage while freeing up floor space. The addition of glass panels and lighting creates a modern museum-like display for your valuables and most loved items.

LED lighting cleverly positioned can illuminate either directly or indirectly, provide highlights and accents or showcase shelf units and other units. The right lighting at any time of day.

Modern confidence. 

Honor the form-follows-function philosophy of the Bauhaus, where technology-driven materials also deliver on strength and durability. nobilia European Kitchen Furniture reflects what’s now and next, always with an eye on the future. Everything has its purpose in modern interior design. From the clean lines of door fronts to integrated lighting and storage options, every component is designed to perform.

In order to optimize the space in the room, solid planning is required, as is light colors, and clever practical solutions.

Using modern approaches to design allows nobilia to offer solutions no matter the size, from small spaces to wide-open floor plans. And while white kitchens remain timeless, nobilia European Kitchen Furniture allows you to explore the unique ways to personalize your space through materials, color and more while embracing a truly modern style.

More than a Kitchen

From the perfect kitchen to a cozy, or modern contemporary look – in keeping with the motto “more than a kitchen,” our current collection enables a holistic interior design for your home. 

453 FLASH provides a spacious kitchen concept with a seamless transition to living and dining areas. The epitome of smooth sophistication for any city loft!

Whether kitchen, living room, closet or bathroom – nobilia European Kitchen Furniture makes quite an impression even outside the kitchen. With a broad selection of materials, décors, and colors, with customizable design options, high-quality furniture fittings, and ingenious accessories for your living environment.

Breathe new life into your living space (large or small) with nobilia North America.