nobilia Comes Off a Successful 2022 KBIS Show

nobilia North America celebrated the first opportunity in over a year reuniting with thousands of qualified residential design and construction professionals and all the success that followed. The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) is North America’s largest trade show dedicated to all aspects of kitchen and bath design. KBIS, in conjunction with the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), is an inspiring, interactive platform that showcases the latest industry products, trends and technologies from hundreds of exhibitors.

Throughout the pandemic, the residential design market has remained strong and will continue to thrive throughout 2021. As homeowners spend more time at home, kitchen, bath and whole home projects have become a significant focus.

Nothing beats face-to-face meetings and running into friends on the show floor. nobilia’s purposeful design philosophy derives from the principles of the Bauhaus movement: form-follows-function, along with a design for long-lasting performance that fits the modern aesthetic of homes today. At KBIS 2022, nobilia infused that philosophy in every new introduction. All are built on the latest directions driving modern design, including inspirations taken from nature, as well as an appreciation for intelligent storage solutions and smart features for a connected home. 

See, touch, and feel at KBIS 

One of nobilia’s new lines featured at KBIS 2022 was EASYTOUCH 966 which offers a new shade called Fjord blue. The name is derived from natural bodies of water and inlets created by glaciers. This deep, saturated blue hue has a slightly warm undertone and layers in plenty of texture with natural and neutral wood tones.

Like all of nobilia products, EASYTOUCH 966 follows the principles of one of the most important drivers of 20th-century modern design philosophy – the Bauhaus.  It is the perfect combination of efficiency, streamlined design, and integration, along with benefits like light- and water-resistance, as well as impact- and shock resistance. Its anti-fingerprint effect provides a design that invites touch. 

nobilia’s European Kitchen Furniture goes far beyond the permanent frameless cabinets that Americans know. Behind every nobilia component is the best in German engineering for ultimate flexibility and full-access construction, as well as integration of intelligent features for more efficiency, more comfort, 

nobilia and The Bauhaus 

Born in 1919, in Germany, this artistic and educational movement, believed in bringing beauty and usefulness together. The movement brought new thinking which addressed major shifts in living and lifestyle happening in the 20th century.  The Bauhaus influenced all areas of living but especially brought together art, architecture and industrial design.

Bauhaus and the Kitchen 

Kitchen design evolved too because of Bauhaus. The Frankfurt Kitchen, designed by Magarete Schutte-Lihotz, an Austrian architect, further developed the Muche Haus am Horn kitchen. Her design was influenced by the extremely space-constrained railway dining car kitchens. Even though these were very small, two people could prepare and serve the meals for about 100 guests, and then wash and store the dishes!

Improving the ergonomics of the kitchen and rationalizing kitchen work was important to her.


Market Outlook

This brings us to today! Over 100 years after all of this thinking, Americans are embracing the same principles. Shifting demographic and design preferences indicate a true desire for form following function.

Let’s start with a big number. The latest Market Outlook from the National Kitchen & Bath Association suggests that total residential kitchen and bath spending will increase 19% in 2022 to nearly $200 billion.

Why? Increases in both new construction and remodels of older homes, And, also increases in pricing, which has been driven by inflation, supply chain issues, and rising labor costs. 

Breaking that big number down even further, we can see the importance of both kitchens and baths. And both new construction and remodeling.

Top Remodeling Trends 

If we talk about top remodeling trends, you’ll see why nobilia remains excited for 2022.

Cabinets remain toward the top of the list when it comes to remodeling trends.

Looking specifically at Design Trends, the NKBA, Houzz and others tell us that transitional and contemporary styles top the list for kitchen design. 

If you are thinking the American market is still rooted in traditional design, I’m here to tell you that is no longer true! And going forward, the next 3 years show even more growth for these design styles, with transitional, natural and contemporary topping the list. 

This is a huge shift and one we at nobilia are here to support!

Transitional Design: A balanced blend of contemporary and traditional furnishings and décor.

Natural Design: Could be considered a subset of contemporary design; the natural design is about bringing nature and organically inspired elements into interiors. 

Contemporary Design: Minimal, streamlined, neutral, modern, clean lines. Very nobilia.

Farmhouse Design: New blends with old in this design aesthetic. In the kitchen, for instance, things like exposed wood, butcher block counters, farmhouse sink paired with stainless appliances.

Midcentury Design: When people hear Midcentury, they think of a time frame in American design from the late 1940s through the late 1960s. Simple, but beautiful design in furnishings, mixing materials, fusing indoor and outdoor in design, pops of color.

Coastal Design: The name implies what this means; it is a design style that is reminiscent of a beach home from the décor, to the use of natural materials.

Shifting Trends in Design

American designers are valuing and wanting Contemporary European styles including integrated pulls or handles, as well as LED interior lighting,

Vertical-lift doors in wall cabinets and motorized opening and closing simply using a knee or hand.

Also, designers tell us they want:

·         More colors and finishes in prefabricated cabinets

·         More transitional door Styles

·         Different materials for doors and drawer fronts

·         Mid-height cabinetry, legs for toe kick and convertible transformative styles of cabinets

·         A more furniture-like design element

·         More affordable, modern design

·         And lastly, greater flexibility and customization options.

Looking at this list, we are pleased that nobilia can check virtually ALL of these boxes!!

Designed for the way we live now.

We’ve set the stage with a reminder of Bauhaus philosophy, and the market trends that are driving design directions, now it’s time to talk about European Kitchen Furniture.

As a category, European Kitchen Furniture excels at both transitional and contemporary design. Remember, they are the top two most desirable for the next three years.

European Kitchen Furniture means a form follows a function mindset. No embellishments. Everything is purposeful.

European Kitchen Furniture

How do we define European Kitchen Furniture? Very simply, it’s a category offering a range of options and components

·         It excels at transitional and contemporary design.

·         It celebrates the concept of FORM following FUNCTION.

·         It is streamlined.

·         Everything has a purpose.

·         From start to the finished installation, the process is seamless.

100 Years Later Is Now

The market is more than ready. It’s already moving! And the shifts in design and demography demonstrate not just the opportunity, but truly a real change in what we want at home.

It’s why European Kitchen Furniture is right at the moment. And it’s been at the heart of our company since we started more than 70 years ago.