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There’s long been a desire among some homeowners to take the kind of storage options they’ve got in their kitchen and extend those options into the rest of them home. With good reason: The square footage of the average U.S. home continues to drop after peaking in 2015. As the U.S. population ages – and as couples continue having fewer children in this country than they had in decades past – the downsizing trends won’t abate. A quick Google search (specifically, “kitchen cabinets in other rooms”) yields some interesting results, but there are far more elegant solutions available than you’ll likely find on a Pinterest board – notably, nobilia’s European kitchen furniture that’s actually purpose-built for other spaces.

Continuity of Style 

The most compelling case for furnishing other parts of the home with nobilia beyond the kitchen is a “one-stop shop” where a homeowner can bring the same level of style and clean, contemporary lines to the bath, the living room, and even the laundry room. It’s especially handy for the popular “open concept” solution that’s become a mainstay of American remodeling trends – imagine kitchens that open into dining and living areas with a seamless, Bauhaus-inspired vibe throughout. There are plenty of options to modify the look in specific areas, from subtle shifts to bold changes, that can keep the aesthetic from becoming overly repetitive.

That Bauhaus concept – in which “form follows function” – threads throughout the last hundred-plus years, first appearing in the kitchen in 1923 and introduced by Benita Otte in the “Haud am Horn.” As noted in this article from the Guardian, “[Her] kitchen’s principles have become universal: integrated design, flush worktops, functional layout.” Bauhaus influences remain all around us, from nobilia’s European kitchen furniture to the instantly-recognizable look of the iPhone.

nobilia’s new railing system

Consistency of Quality

Because every bit of hardware, from hinges to handles, goes through rigorous testing, there’s durability built into each component – no matter what room of the house it lands in. What’s more, since each part is designed for kitchen use – arguably the part of the home that sees the most activity – the lifespan of each piece is longer than the minimum 15-year lifespan nobilia shoots for. There’s no diminishment in the fronts, shelves, sides, or any other aspect of a cabinet’s anatomy when it comes to pieces created specifically for the living room or bath, either. A nobilia creation that can take the constant use one would find in the kitchen will be doubly durable in a room built for more sedentary purposes.

nobilia shelving units using the new modular railing system

From Kitchen to Bath to Living Rooms and More

The solutions nobilia offers can be deployed in any part of the home, even the bedroom – the shelving and clothes storing options offer dressing spaces with a truly European feel. With a variety of options, from glass to covered and open looks and even standalone floating cubes and rectangles, there’s an infinite number of looks. Beyond the en suite, nobilia’s offerings for bath, living, and laundry/utility spaces really stand out:

In the Bathroom

Floating vanities help create airy illusions in spaces that are often fairly small – even components that have legs (such as certain pieces in the Structura line, for example) don’t feel as hefty as one would expect given the incredibly solid construction of these cabinets. Finishes range from dark, dramatic colors that will contrast brilliantly with lightly colored walls (Touch) to the combination of Inline and Riva available with natural oak-and-white pairings that lend the luxurious feel of a seaside spa. The Nordic line is a perfect fit for those who still prize Shaker-style cabinetry.

As with nobilia’s kitchen components, the ergonomic considerations can be found in bathroom installations as well – sinks and tops are the perfect height for the homeowner. It’s yet another way that time in the bath can provide well-being and relaxation. Additionally, another aspect of a “floating” vanity (or one with minimalist legs at the cabinet’s front) is that there’s nowhere for moisture to be trapped should any leaks or spillage occur.

nobilia LUX 817

In the Living Room

The bulk and mass of the furniture that used to surround the family TV often created a focal point that wasn’t terribly pleasing. Equipment and media storage in the nobilia world, however, offers cabinetry that’s as unobtrusive as the bezel on a new flat-panel display. Again, floating designs open up space and frame video displays in an elegant manner that reduces visual clutter.

Because nobilia’s cabinetry is modular and flexible, pieces can be arranged in a manner that best suits the needs of a space at any given time.

nobilia ARTIS 937

In the Laundry

The lessons nobilia’s learned from decades of efficient kitchen design translate especially well to laundry and utility room spaces. Storage here is critical: Laundry and cleaning supplies need to be easily reachable and organized.

Some key features that nobilia offers in the Touch and Laser line include:

·   Pull-out storage that includes shelving for laundry baskets,

·   A foldup clothing rack for air-drying delicates,

·   Work surfaces for tasks such as folding laundry that simply slide away,

·   Cabinets that can raise washer and dryer units for better ergonomic access, and,

·   Tall, thin closets with options to store everything from brooms to bleach.

nobilia TOUCH 334

All of these features serve two key functions: One, there’s maximum use of space here. Thoughtful storage options that “disappear” clutter contribute to an aesthetic that’s consistent through a home designed with Bauhaus principles in mind. (Kind of a “Marie Kondo for the eyes” vibe, if you will.) Secondly, the ergonomic nature of the design makes this space yet another “human-centric” part of the home. Ultimately, all of the solutions mentioned above – from living to the bathroom to laundry and closet spaces – are designed to make a nobilia-outfitted home a true oasis of wellness and aesthetic pleasure.