Maximize Kitchen Storage

nobilia maximum kitchen storage

Discover the best kitchen storage organization ideas with nobilia’s European Kitchen Furniture! Enhance your storage space and create more. Take advantage of these unique concepts and ideas to store your cooking essentials and make your kitchen more functional. You will love all the extra space you have in a nobilia kitchen.

Storage Accessories

Internal Organization Accessories

nobilia internal drawer storage options

Internal organization is the key to success in terms of storage! If it feels like you never have enough storage in the kitchen despite tons of drawers and cabinets, it may come down to how you’re storing things. All the storage space in the world won’t help if the items inside of it are totally disorganized. Thankfully, nobilia offers a variety of internal storage solutions!

nobilia’s SpaceFlexx organization system allows you to completely customize the division and arrangement of the contents of your drawers! SpaceFlexx is ideal for people who love order but haven’t been able to find it inside the cabinet until now. Virtually every kitchen utensil can be stored in SpaceFlexx®. Storage canisters will no longer tip over or fall out. Finding and reaching what you need is now quick and easy. 

Did you know nobilia also has a rotating storage element that is easy to install? ComfortSpin rotates 360 degrees in no time at all. This clever turntable in your fridge offers you a complete overview of all the foods in your refrigerator.

Shelving Units For Extra Storage

nobilia shelf options
Creatively planned! Fresh herbs are now always within reach at the table. This shelving concept also allows you to bring your herb garden right into your kitchen. The combination of wooden boxes and planting pots form the perfect planter for your indoor garden.

It would be virtually impossible to imagine current interior design trends without modern shelving systems. Shelving units can provide plenty of extra storage while also being super stylish! You can use your shelf to display beautiful objects or as a practical organizing aid. nobilia’s storage units can adapt to your needs. Take nobilia’s Lux 819 for instance.  This quarry stone look meets an optional indirectly illuminated pole-mounted shelving system that looks stunning with its coordinating drawers and high pull-outs. An exciting combination that enriches everyday life.

The Best Kitchen Cabinets for Storage

nobilia kitchen with lots of storage

European Kitchen Furniture is the best cabinetry for storage! Going beyond the means of traditional cabinetry, EKF is a whole home design solution. Intelligentially constructed to be versatile and flexible, EKF can fit into any space, from the kitchen to bath to living. Maximize your home’s storage with style with one of nobilia’s many cabinetry options:

Internal drawers

drawer organizer

Additional internal drawers can be integrated with front pull-out and revolving door-type units. The internal drawer behind the front pull-outs is simultaneously also opened via a follower mechanism.

Corner units

kitchen corner unit for storage

Space in even the smallest corner. With nobilia corner units, you have absolute planning reliability due to alternative dimensions, customizable convenience, and amazing storage access.

Pull-out organization

pull out drawer storage

Various organization systems for drawers and pull-outs provide structured storage space for anything you may want to store in your kitchen. From knives to saran wrap and spices, baking trays, and even larger kitchen pots and pans – anything fits. The systems are available in variable designs – easy-care synthetic materials, elegant solid wood, or a combination of both.

Small Larder unit

pull out pantry

Similar to pantries, larder units provide ample storage space. No room for a standard unit? Take advantage of nobilia’s junior size larder pull-out which features two adjustable hanging baskets with wooden bottoms and metal railing. Perfect for storing food in a cool area.

Full pull-out with two metal baskets

pull out kitchen drawer with storage

This is perfect for a narrow space in your kitchen preferably close to the stove. Ideal for storing oil and vinegar, seasonings, and spices.

Electric all-purpose slicer

electric bread slicer

Our range of accessories includes an electric all-purpose slicer for particular draw widths.  The all-purpose slicer can be folded up and stored in a drawer to save space, especially to help provide more open space on countertops.

Kitchen Storage Design Ideas

kitchen with large cabinets for storage

Nobilia’s Riva Collection provides modern kitchen cabinetry designed with floor-to-ceiling cabinetry, providing plenty of storage.  Drawers can be divided in an individual and variable manner. The extra-high glass wall mount is the accent piece, creating an open space feel with universal organization storage.

kitchen with shelves and pull out drawers for storage

Looking for a family-oriented kitchen with a high demand for storage? nobilia’s Speed collection is the perfect match.  This kitchen design is well organized and workable for the entire family.  With a focal point of the kitchen island, separating the kitchen from the adjoining living room, this cabinetry provides plenty of storage, along with creating a nice modern and natural look.

nobilia's 415 laser cabientry

Trying to maximize a small space? The 415 Laser Collection demonstrates that you can maximize your kitchen design with just a few key kitchen components.  There are so many different types of storage in this kitchen design.  You have the traditional door fronts, see-through cabinetry, and open shelving.  If you are looking for a kitchen design with a lot of function and real storage wonders, this is the one for you.

Maximize Your Storage Simplify Your Life

Maximizing your storage and increasing your home’s efficiency is an essential part of simplified living. European Kitchen Furniture is perfect for anyone looking to embrace the latest concepts of simplified living, health and wellness, and minimalism! Sleek and contemporary in design but packed with user-centric features to make life a breeze! Reduce your stress and home’s value with EKF.

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