Sustainability, Health & Wellness, and nobilia


Green living means making daily lifestyle choices that lean toward sustainability and limiting your carbon footprint on the planet. There are lots of different ways to live green. Some people do it by adopting regular behaviors — like recycling, driving a fuel-efficient car, buying from local businesses, and reducing the amount of energy you use. Others take it a step further by making their own natural cleaning and beauty products or going totally waste-free.

A biophilic family friendly kitchen design by nobilia
Biophilia, wellness, and sustainability! This alpine white modern kitchen with easy-care anti-fingerprint coating looks fresh and also very spacious thanks to the maximum height, all-white kitchen cabinetry. View this Kitchen here!


Sustainability isn’t just about the health and well-being of the planet; it’s about the health and well-being of people. From the air we breathe to the food and water we consume, the environment impacts human health.

According to the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, “We postulate a hierarchy of effects of environmental elements ranging from simply nontoxic to safe (both physically and psychologically) to ‘providing a positive context’ to being actively salutogenic.” Meaning, Wellness through sustainability comes from one of two ways, through using natural, organic, and safe materials, and through the peace of mind, you get from choosing to do right by the environment.

Consumers and designers are becoming more and more actively aware of the materials they are choosing to outfit their interiors. In terms of furniture, consumers are now looking for terms such as flame retardant, nonsynthetic fibers, highly fluorinated stain treatments, etc. Items such as lead paint, toxic glue used in wood flooring, and cheap building materials are no longer going to fly. The same materials that are polluting the planet are hurting us as well. 

Learn more about today’s trends related to health, wellness, and sustainability through the NKBA’s “Brave New Business”


nobilia North America has taken a stand on the environment, sustainability, and socially responsible business practices. Quality, environment, and energy have been core to our company philosophy since our very beginning. 

use natural and organic looking materials to embrace nature!
A beautiful combination for feeling connected to nature and the serene outdoors, this kitchen cabinetry provides a feeling of living close to nature. The recessed panel with forest mural backsplash brings nature right inside your home. An exquisite design of Mother Earth. Feel inspired? Take a look at nobilia’s Structura 402 kitchen design!

Internationally recognized for its environmental practices, nobilia respects the importance of sustainability. The company holds 9 awards and certifications dedicated to best practices in quality, environment, and energy – from being the first kitchen furniture manufacturer awarded the “Blaue Engel” eco-label, to extensive materials testing in company-owned quality labs, to being part of the Climate Pact for the furniture industry since 2016.

nobilia understands and acts on the responsibility our generation has for future generations and the environment and meets the most stringent guidelines for quality, environmental, al and energy standards. The composite wood products, component parts, and finished goods are compliant with the Formaldehyde Emission Standards for Composite Wood Products.

Consumers and clients who choose to invest in brands like nobilia who take strides to ensure their materials are nontoxic, up to EPA standards, and sustainably source their products, can take peace in knowing they’re making an environmentally-friendly choice. You can read all about nobilia’s many awards for quality and sustainability under our about page!

Read more about our sustainable initiatives and browse our awards and accreditations here!


The health and wellness trend continues to grow post-pandemic! Prior to COVID-19, the spotlight was already showing bright on healthier initiatives, and health is more important now than ever.

Designers and consumers alike look to purchase antimicrobial and easy to clean materials as we continue to fight the spread of germs. Homeowners hope to incorporate more into their homes to reduce the risk of exposure and enhance their overall life! Bathrooms are being transformed into home spas and large to small gardens are being grown. Some even look to investing in creating a home gym! 


Every single nobilia kitchen meets the stringent international quality, environmental, and energy guidelines.

With a premium on durability, nobilia’s European Kitchen Furniture features near endless possibilities, and thanks to its engineered design, provides a quick and seamless installation process. More importantly, thanks to its German engineering, this product is built to last making it a sustainable choice for any home! 

nobilia natural living kitchen
Modern architecture and natural-looking finishes harmonize perfectly in this kitchen design. With the wood grain minimalist cabinetry, neutral color palettes, and black accents, this contemporary kitchen design has a subtle elegance that will never go out of style.  Check out the Riva 887 kitchen!

nobilia Natural Living Kitchens beautifully blend the desire for natural elements with sophisticated designs for inviting atmospheres. Authentic wood looks create kitchens with flair, especially when combined with beautifully coordinated colors and accents. Have a healthy, sustainable, and a “natural” home thanks to nobilia’s European Kitchen Furniture!


Health and Wellness trends in kitchen and bath designs are trending providing great opportunities for many. Nobilia provides design elements that support lifestyles for everyone of all ages from millennials to boomers. From easy to clean and hygienic counter surfaces, to ergonomic designs, nobilia has incorporated Health & Wellness into their designs, even before it became a hot trend.

nobilia has carried their dedication for health & wellness into their company organization and strategy during the pandemic. “Very early on at the start of the pandemic, the kitchen furniture market leader made it a point to apply all hygiene and safety measures that could be implemented in the company.  In September visitors to the in-house exhibition were able to see for themselves what effort is being made in Verl. At nobilia, the concept also includes three medical test stations, in which over 10,000 corona tests were carried out in 2020 alone. Since the beginning of the year, nobilia has been testing their employees for COVID-19. Only those who show a negative test every day are allowed into the company.  “This is the only way we can best succeed in keeping Corona out of the company,” says managing director Dr. Lars Bopf.  

During the pandemic, and still today, the supply chain suffers as a result of some manufacturers and businesses not getting on the bandwagon early. Nobilia is one who did, which in turn has helped their delivery and installation times stay consistent. Healthy living modern kitchen and bath designs will continue to expand and become more mainstream, high-quality, and affordable.


Nobilia’s European Kitchen Furniture offers an entirely different concept for homeowners looking for contemporary, adaptable, and healthy & wellbeing components – a new approach to today’s simplified living. Bring the warmth of natural wood tones like walnut and oak, along with earthy neutrals, to life through the clean feel of modern design. Explore the unique ways to personalize your own kitchen through materials, color, and more while embracing a natural spirit. It’s 2021, time to embrace sustainability and create a healthier tomorrow!


When Making Your Home More Sustainable, Health And Wellness Are Also Part Of The Conversation