Coastal Living Design

nobilia sea green kitchen design
nobilia’s Cascada 776 door front is a beautiful green that captures the serenity of the ocean.

What is Coastal Living 

Modern coastal living décor blends classic elements of traditional coastal and nautical design with the sleekness and freshness that’s become the calling card of modern, contemporary style. Whether you are looking for coastal elegance, beach chic vibes, a Hamptons style, or a cottage feel, you can channel the tranquility and comfort of a seaside excursion through the lens of contemporary, casual design.

Designing A Coastal Living Interior

You can design a coast living interior easily by tying in touchable textures, natural accents, and a crisp, light-filled color scheme.

Textures & Materials 

warm ivory coastal kitchen by nobilia
nobilia’s Chalet 883 ivory kitchen cabinetry is perfect for any coastal interior! The beautiful wicker furniture in this kitchen and light wood accents really captures the soul of coastal living.

While many individuals tend to go more minimalistic when it comes to coastal style, you can still incorporate different textures, textiles, and various materials to add to your space. Tying in touchable textures is an easy way to include Coastal and nautical décor. Classic coastal materials such as various weathered woods, rattan, and wicker can create a natural environment.  Rattan and wicker should be balanced with softer textiles. Add fiber area rugs and wispy drapes to add a more cozy and softer feel. Adding contrasting textures and materials with features such as a tiled or mirrored kitchen splashback will immediately change the mood and feel of your space. Kitchen flooring offers countless options and adds additional texture to a room. Terracotta adds warmth and coziness, and polished wooden floorboards create a nautical, coastal feel. Tile flooring provides a cool, modern look depending on the styles and design you choose. 

Coastal Color 

blue and white coastal kitchen by nobilia
This kitchen design captures the beauty of coastal colors! The blue accent walls makes nobilia’s SYLT 847 white cabinets really pop as well as nobilia’s mosaic backsplash!

Use color to bring out the soft and airy vibes of a seaside home! Think about beachfront shades that bring calming feelings – light and airy blues, soft corals, crisp whites, cloudy grays, and sandy tans. The muted beachy tones and an abundance of neutrals in your color palette help maintain the minimalist feel essential to a modern coastal space. Looking for a little more pizazz behind your space? Try using bold hues of blue to offset the white or ivory.

Interior Design Styles

coastal and industrial kitchen design
This capture perfectly balances aspects of coastal living and industrial modern style! Featuring nobilia’s SYLT 851 black cabinets.

You can incorporate various interior design styles into your coastal living space! Add industrial metal pieces or rustic farmhouse finishes, as long as you keep your modern interior feeling authentically breezy and relaxed.


white open kitchen concept by nobilia
This simplified living interior flows beautifully from one room to the next and captures the relaxing beauty of coastal living! Featuring nobilia’s Cascada 774 white cabinets.

Simplified living and coast design go hand in hand! The beautiful minimalist style of simplified living gives the relaxed carefree vibes perfect for any beachy space. The open floor plan of simplified living works in not only residential but summer and vacation homes as well! Yet another reason the two design styles are a match made in heaven. 

Simplified living creates a unique space for entertaining, cooking, dining, and living areas where all can be together and united! Perfect for family getaways and keeping the fun going off the beach.  

Nobilia’s Coastal Kitchen Design 

beach scene kitchen backsplash
nobilia’s beach print kitchen backsplash

Nobilia’s European Kitchen Furniture is perfect for coastal kitchen design! Use one of nobilia’s nautical or beautiful blue and gray backsplashes to bring the beachy vibes to your kitchen. Or select one of their many white, gray, blue, or even green cabinet fronts to outfit your kitchen. Choose from the traditional, cottage, or modern styles to capture your true style while mastering coastal design. 

Bring The Beach To Your Home

blue and white coastal bathroom by nobilia
This gorgeous blue coastal bathroom uses nobilia’s Nordic 782 white cabinets for bathroom storage. The gray woven rug and Scandinavian chair help bring in the beachy feels.

Create the coastal, beach-theme look and feel that works best for you. There is something about a beautiful peaceful color scheme with pops of blues and greens to make you feel like you are at the beach….even when you are not. Whether you are planning a home remodel or a new installation, your options are endless!