Simplified Living

warm open kitchen by nobilia

What Is Simplified Living?

To put it simply, Simplified Living is reducing clutter, stress, and improving your overall way of life through interior design. Simplified living combines the concepts of minimalism, healthy living, user-centered design, and sustainable living into one! 

In an age of ever growing mass consumption, it can be hard to fathom reducing anything about your lifestyle and embracing minimalism. Whether that be in regards to home decor, accessories, knick knacks, furniture, and more we often feel like we simply “have to have it”. We’re here to tell you, you actually don’t.

The moment you let go of the unnecessary and start designing with purpose, you will often find yourself choosing to invest in healthier and more sustainable materials! Simplified living means investing in items that better serve you. Design with a clear purpose.

Minimalism/Simplified & Interior Design 

Minimalism is an ever-growing popular trend within interior design. Millennials especially are looking for less clutter, more organization, and a more “simple” way of life. So how do you create a simplified or minimal interior? 

Less Is More In Terms of Design 

For a simplified interior or minimal design, think less is more. If you often find yourself “running out of space” for your belongings or feeling cluttered, the answer is simple. You have too much stuff! Only choose items you love, pair perfectly with other elements within the space, and serve a clearly defined purpose to you. 

nobilia large minimal and modern kitchen
Thanks to nobilia’s variety of storage space options this kitchen is looking clean, simple, and minimal.

Think Bauhaus – Form Follows Function 

The greatest way to remove the unnecessary is to first define what is necessary. nobilia proudly embraces the philosophy of the Bauhaus movement, “Form follow function”. Think of how you intend to use each space in your home and what items would better serve that purpose. Every accessory, appliance, and piece of furniture should have a clearly defined reason for existing within your home. If you think a chair is “chic” and feel you “have to have” first ask yourself, will this actually be comfortable to sit in? Do I need a chair in this space? What will I be doing while enjoying this piece of furniture? If that “had to have” dining room chair is incredibly uncomfortable, you’re probably not going to enjoy family meals (and neither will your guests). 

nobilia ergonomic cabinets
nobilia’s ergonomic cabinetry options

The purpose of the overhead cabinetry is for end users to easily store and gain access to kitchen essentials. If the cabinet opens towards you, isn’t that diminishing the ease of use? nobilia’s over-head lift-up cabinetry makes life a breeze! 

Choose Sustainable High Quality Materials 

Once you start selecting the furniture to complete your space, you’ll find yourself selecting items that have a better longevity. When you understand that everything in your home is to serve you rather than just be for decorating, you start to really care more about all the little details. You will also find yourself choosing more sustainable materials that will create a much healthier living environment.

If you are not selective with your furniture and do not choose pieces made from high quality materials, you will find yourself in a cycle of constantly needing to be replaced. This may cause you to struggle to find a new product that serves you as well as the last or fits beautifully with the rest of your home decor. The more and more items you need to replace, the more junk you begin to acrew. The more junk you begin to acrew, the more cluttered your space becomes. The more cluttered your life is, the less simple your life is. 

Investing in furniture that will last is sustainable in itself! The longer an item stays out of a landfill, the better for the planet. Not only that, but many high-quality items are made from sustainable resources such as hardwood. Choosing durable sustainable materials over cheap quality plastics is stronger investment, better for your health, and a smart design decision for a simplified life. 

nobilia high quality materials
nobilia’s high-quality durable materials ensure an interior that is built to last making it a logical and sustainable option.

User-Centered Interior Design 

User-centered interior design is thinking of the needs of your end-user and designing to meet their needs with ease. Exactly what simplified living calls for! By investigating the purpose of each room and the items in them rather than overcrowding your life, you are putting your own needs as an end-user first. Once you start putting your own needs first and thinking of how to design a whole home to make your life simpler, your overall stress will be reduced.

nobilia pull out shelves
nobilia’s unlimited storage space solutions makes for a well organized kitchen and easier life.

Holistic Design 

Holistic design is seeing your home as one entity. Rather than viewing each room as its own separate space, you see how each room influences the other and think about the home as a whole unit. Simplified living makes it easy to see how each space connects and what their purpose should be for you. 

nobilia’s flexible solutions provide and enable holistic design features. The décor and material combination in your kitchen can be carried over to all your rooms to create a trend-oriented coordinated interior. A simplified living space is the perfect environment for European Kitchen Furniture! 

nobilia open interiors

European Kitchen Furniture for Simplified Living 

As the market leader in European Kitchen Furniture, we know the smallest detail is of the utmost importance for consistent design. We have been developing high-quality solutions that meet individual’s needs and have had the highest standards for quality and usability for decades! With an eye for detail, innovative solutions to promote flexibility, and a variety of design options, we have been able to successfully combine kitchen, living, and dinging into one living space. Form follows function isn’t simply a phrase here, it is at the core of what we believe. 

nobilia’s European Kitchen Furniture – the ultimate design solution.