2021 Design Trends – Designing with Color

nobilia designs with illuminating yellow

Expressing Emotions Through Color 

Color is not simply something found in nature, it is a way of expressing emotions. Designers can use color to influence mood, compose spaces, and at times can even make profound statements. Subconsciously, we are always being influenced by color. Fast food restaurants often use vibrant reds and yellows for their colors as this often makes us feel hungry, sustainable or healthy companies choose green to remind us of organic and natural materials, whereas educational institutions and software often use blue as this is a studious color and promotes trust. 


The Bauhaus color theory is a belief in color serving a higher purpose than replicating nature. The Bauhaus movement focused on primary colors; red, yellow, blue, and black. These colors were then related to geometric shapes, emotions, and even musical notes! Using the color yellow was not to necessarily portray the sun, but to convey emotions of joy, happiness, and delight. Yellow was also associated with triangles and a middle C. It is believed that the Bauhaus color theory is one of the most enduring influences of modern design.

nobilia's satin gray kitchen cabinetry
This modern kitchen features satin gray cabinets and a marble impression countertop.

2021 Pantone Colors of the year 

The 2021 PANTONE colors of the year are ultimate Grary and illuminating. 2021’s two PANTONE colors tie in the Bauhaus color theory directly by associating our emotions and the impact 2020 has had on us. A shade of gray to highlight the hardships we have faced and a beautiful yellow for the bright future to come! 

PANTONE Ultimate Gray + PANTONE Illuminating, two independent colors that highlight how different elements come together to support one another. Practical and rock-solid but at the same time warming and optimistic, the union of PANTONE Ultimate Gray + PANTONE Illuminating is one of strength and positivity. It is a story of color that encapsulates deeper feelings of thoughtfulness with the promise of something sunny, bright, and friendly.

Ultimate Gray Inspired Design 

The trend toward modern kitchen cabinetry continues to make moves. Whether in matte, or high gloss like pictured in this sophisticated slate grey kitchen, this cabinetry will turn your kitchen into a visual highlight.

nobilia's slate gray kitchen island
nobilia North America’s slate gray kitchen with high gloss cabinetry is a real show stopper!

Dark and moody is on-trend. The combination of the black granite-style countertops with the slate gray cabinets paired with stainless steel railing handles creates a very modern and European style. (823 Lux)

nobilia North America's dark and moody kitchen
nobilia North America’s dark and moody kitchen is very European and completely on trend.

And seriously, whoever said grey was boring?! The satin grey super matte island allows the marble impression countertops, and cabinetry really makes an impact. Not to mention the stunning focal wall that also has room to shine.  Pair PANTONE Ultimate Gray with copper and bronze accents to create a super chic, and modern look. (340 TOUCH) Looking for an industrial modern look? No problem. PANTONE Ultimate Gray is a perfect pairing to achieve that look.

nobilia's soft white kitchen cabinets with gray color splashes
nobilia’s Fashion 173 white cabinetry blends well with any color accent.

This white modern kitchen paired with its grey slate countertops, blurred glass cabinet doors, and integrated lighting, creates a great contrast. (173 FASHION)

Illuminating Inspired Design 

nobilia North America's yellow cabinetry
nobilia North America’s yellow kitchen cabinetry embraces this year’s color of the year!

Yellow is not just a mood lifter! This beautiful color is also a superb combination with the pure Alpine white kitchen cabinetry for a beautiful modern kitchen design. The yellow nobilia North America cabinetry is the focal point of this room for sure. You also have open shelf concepts for additional storage. This modern kitchen design is sure to drive away every sad thought and conjure up a ray of sunshine – an instant dose of summer for your home. (FOCUS 470)

European Kitchen Furniture & Color

nobilia’s European Kitchen Furniture’s extensive range of colors and cabinetry invite custom combinations. With our color-coordinated material concepts, you are sure to find just the right kitchen.

nobilia’s unique cabinetry has helped many modern kitchen designs become happier, fresher and bolder. Expanding this color and design system has allowed us to take creativity to the next level. An extensive range of open shelf units, niche claddings, upright panels, flap door wall units and much more make it easier than ever to design kitchen solutions with even greater versatility and personalisation.

Time to give your kitchen a modern facelift with this perfect PANTONE inspired color combination.