Living in Place – Designing for the Future

Aging In Place Design Trend

Aging in Place is an ever-growing trend as Boomers desire homes to grow with them as they age. However, it’s not just boomers with an eye for aging in place design. Millennials are no longer hunting for a “starter home” instead they hope to own their “forever home”. In addition to boomers & millennials, we are also seeing a growing trend in multigenerational living which would require a home built for all ages. 

What is Living In Place?

Living In Place, similar to the concept of Aging In Place, is the idea of building a home to be fully accessible. However, Living In Place recognizes that accessibility isn’t always linked to age. Everyone, regardless of age, deserves a home that is safe, comfortable and makes for easy living. You never know when someone in your home may have trouble walking, seeing, or performing daily tasks. Living in place ensures that if and when that should happen, your home is ready for you. 

nobilia North America's ergonomic kitchen options
Nobilia’s European Kitchen Furniture is built to suit your needs such as designing a kitchen’s working heights based on the main cook in the home.

Home Remodeling For Accessibility

Remodeling for accessibility is strongly desired by both boomers and multigenerational families. While millennials hunt for their perfect home, Boomers and multigenerational families are looking to stay! Home remodeling is a great economic option for anyone looking to plan for the future. Remodeling allows you to stay in the home you’ve grown to love while designing for individuality and the need for convenience. Remodelers may look to create a more accessible entrance to their home, add a “grandparent” suite complete with a walk-in shower on the first floor, or add smart home technology to assist with everyday life!

Designing For Living In Place

Living In Place Products

Designing a home for living in a place has never been easier! Today’s kitchen and bath innovations make these spaces highly accessible such as touchless faucets, zero-threshold showers with hidden drains, walk-in tubs, wall-mounted toilets, and easy to install hand-showers.

bathroom with wall mounted toilet by nobilia North America
Wall-mounted toilet in a modern bath designed using Fashion 165. 

European Kitchen Furniture – A Living In place Solution

Designers should strongly consider European Kitchen Furniture as a living in place solution. EKF allows for adjustable counter heights making it easier for wheelchair-bound users to reach. Touch to open cabinetry, overhead lift-up cabinets, and sensor-operated opening systems also makes it more convenient to access cabinet storage. In addition to this, integrated lighting makes it easier for vision-impaired clients to see efficiently through their homes. 

Architecture & Living In Place

Lastly, designers will always want to consider the architecture and layout of the home. Doorways and openings should be spaced wide enough apart for residents to easily pass through in wheelchairs. Stairways should be converted to ramps or stairwell seats should be installed. Open concept floor plans with plenty of space make it simple to maneuver from one space to the next. Finally, light switches and home controls should be placed at the end user’s level or designers should look into utilizing a home remote or voice-operated system.

4 Channel light scenario control by nobilia North America

Consumer Awareness 

Consumers seem to be more aware of the solutions and services available to them, leading to an increased focus on products and services that can help people live safer and more comfortably in their homes. Thanks to popular channels, such as HGTV, Google Advertising, and even social media marketing, Living In Place solutions are seemingly everywhere! Out of those solutions, smart home technology appears to be top of mind.

From integrated lighting, to voice control security, to even wearable technology, consumers are fascinated by the ease of use home technology brings to the whole family. This type of connectivity satisfies needs and wants that in return will benefit daily lifestyles.

nobilia North America offers a variety of integrated lighting solutions to fit every home interior 

Living In Place Is Here To Stay

The concept of Living In Place design is here to stay. Multiple generations can live in the same home in comfort, handicapped consumers can lead easier lives, and Boomers can feel safe knowing their home is ready for them as they age. 

Design for your entire life using European Kitchen Furniture! EKF allows you to tailor your countertops to your height, has a variety of user-centered innovations, and offers integrated lighting for the vision impaired. EKF is incredibly durable making it a smart solution for any home remodel, especially a home that is being built to withstand the times. Design your space according to your own style by choosing from nobilia’s vast variety of colors and hardware options as well!

Bottom line, people want to stay in their homes longer and we don’t see that turning around anytime soon. Be prepared with European Kitchen Furniture!