Connected Living

A new way of living

“Whether via technology or face-to-face, that desire to be connected is one of the greatest impacts on future kitchen & bath design. Connected via their smartphone or other forms of technology with their kitchen while they are away from home, or the option to check on their temperature or look in on their dish without having to get up from their couch.”

Innovative Solutions

nobilia's modern smart kitchen

Connected Living provides innovative solutions and technology that help your family and living space connect better.

The majority of the innovations in today’s market revolve around technology that automates your home’s electronic systems. These particular gadgets allow us to do things like control lights, security, and even the temperature of your home with the touch of a button from virtually anywhere. Think about what your personal needs are.

Amazon’s Alexa has paved the way for technology, advancing the way we think and do things, such as asking her to turn off lights, set the timer, turn on the music. Companies like Crestron and Control 4 are bringing technology into your home to stay connected at all times. For example, homeowners are able to set the mood by using simple voice commands to turn on lighting inside the home, or even set soft, relaxing music for them to come home to.

Home technology within the kitchen is high in demand. Refrigerators, stovetops, ovens, and dishwashers already operate with the touch of a button! Now, technology has advanced further by introducing touchless faucets and charging stations, which are now incorporated into kitchen remodels.

Millennials Desire Smart Kitchens

nobilia gray high gloss kitchen

According to The National Kitchen & Bath Association’s 2019 Design Trends for kitchen and bathrooms, technology solutions ranked in the top three most interesting new products. New home buyers, particularly millennials, have technology at the top of their home buying list. As millennials begin to make a shift towards purchasing a forever home, rather than a starter house, they are looking into remodeling kitchens to be open, modern, and spacious. Allowing guests and family to connect on all levels! People naturally want to be connected. The kitchen has always been “the place to be”. Now with integrated lighting, outlets, and other smart features, the Kitchen can connect us physically and technologically!

European Kitchen Furniture & Smart Kitchens

nobilia kitchen technology

European Kitchen Furniture creates a user-centered kitchen by integrating technology into their product to make life simple. nobilia’s EKF features storage & organization accessories, integrated appliances, integrated lighting, ergonomic pull out drawers, and more! All of these unique innovations make life within the kitchen a breeze! From finding the appliance you need to protect your back, EKF has it all.

Beyond The Smart Technology

nobilia wood kitchen island

Connected Living goes beyond smart technology, it’s about creating a human connection with those around you. A kitchen island can structure the room, offers practical benefits, and create an inviting meeting space for guests!  Whether it’s having breakfast with the family, an evening playing games together, or cooking with friends; there’s space for everything here.

Design With Smart Technology

nobilia breakfast bar with smart outlets

The time is now. Create a home environment that’s comfortable, efficient, and enjoyable. Technology is changing the way we operate our kitchen and bathrooms. By incorporating these new modern technology options into your home, you will be a step or two ahead of the game. Design your home for the future.