Top 3 Design Trends Driving EKF

Why European Kitchen Furniture?

European Kitchen Furniture benefits from the convergence of lifestyle, demographic and geographic trends.

2021 Interior Design Lifestyle Trends

The newest NKBA Living Impacts Design research has defined four major directions already in motion:

Healthy Living


Even before the global COVID pandemic, research identified the theme of healthy living as important. Consumers are even more anxious about integrating gardens, preservation centers and spa-like environments into the safety of their own homes. The ability to create living environments that foster wellness and are sustainable includes using materials that are good for you and good for the environment.

Living in Place


Living in Place celebrates designing for all ages and abilities, ensuring that your home can adapt. That may include: designing multiple height counters and modular components for accessibility; incorporating touchless faucets and closures; voice-activated appliances and storage units; and, zero threshold showers and doors.

Connected Living


Connected Living speaks to the concept of whole home technology integration like “smart home” devices including voice or touchpad activated lighting, sound, and security as well as rooms that are more open to each other and the outdoors.

Simplified Living


As the name suggests, Simplified Living is about reducing space and embracing the concept of “form follows function.” Hallmarks include:

  • Streamlined approach where everything has a purpose – including knobless door fronts in kitchen cabinetry in favor of finger-pulls or touchless doors
  • No or limited ornamentation
  • Technology-driven materials that deliver strength and durability without imperfections
  • Integrated lighting, storage and appliances designed to perform

Contemporary and transitional designs are overtaking traditional design in virtually all areas of the home. Spaces are flowing into each other as kitchens and living spaces continue to blend. Areas like primary suites are designed to include spaces for sleeping, storage and spa-like, wellness-oriented bathrooms. It’s the perfect environment for European Kitchen Furniture!

Demographic and Geographic Directions


Couple design shifts with a housing market that is aging, the desire of Millennials to remodel existing properties and Boomers downsizing to multifamily/condos or smaller, more fluid environments, and we have the potential for a robust market, ready for European Kitchen Furniture.

Those most likely to drive the surge are the two largest demographic groups – Millennials and Boomers. Together they represent 158 million people in the US and makeup 82% of the remodel/replacement market. And, they aren’t staying put. There is a marked shift out of large cities and metro areas in favor of secondary markets including Raleigh, NC; Nashville, TN; Austin, TX; and Denver, CO.

The synergy amongst three strong drivers – design, lifestyle and lifestage – means market conditions are ripe for a fresh take on contemporary design, and as a result, European Kitchen Furniture.

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