Welcome to nobilia Living

The Kitchen

What is it about the kitchen that draws us in like a moth to a flame? Think about it.

How many parties have you been to that ends up with every guest congregated around a kitchen island? Probably every single one.

What memories are baked into ever Thanksgiving turkey or birthday cake that’s passed through your oven? How many families have been born out of a “let’s cook dinner” date night over a bottle of wine and homemade chicken Marsala?

Or put more simply: how many of your life’s stories have a kitchen as its backdrop?

For as long as humans have been around, we’ve gathered where we cook for the smallest of small talk and the most heated of debates. And that’s what nobilia Living is here to recreate.


An Interior Design & Lifestyle Blog

We’re inviting you into our home to sit at our table. We’re here to start conversations on home décor and design, but also life, culture, art, and beyond. We want to connect with you on a personal level and share a small part of the nobilia lifestyle.

Over the upcoming weeks, we’ll be engaging in conversations on trends both personal to nobilia but with a far extending reach to home design innovation. And we’ll be pulling in some truly unique outside voices from the architectural and design industry to share what the kitchen means to them.

So take off your shoes, pull up a chair, and pop open your favorite beer – you’re a guest in our home and we hope you’ll stick around for some good conversation. Welcome to nobilia Living.