#destinationnobilia Contest Returns to KBIS 2024!

Miami, Florida (January 23, 2024)nobilia North America, the world’s largest manufacturer of European Kitchen Furniture is thrilled to announce the return of the #destinationnobilia Giveaway Contest at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) 2024. For the second consecutive year, nobilia is offering an exclusive opportunity for attendees to win a free trip to Germany in the Fall of 2024.

Details of the Contest

Visit nobilia’s Booth #N339 at KBIS 2024 on February 27 and February 28 to enter the contest. Five lucky winners will have the chance to embark on an unforgettable journey to Germany, experiencing the roots of the Bauhaus movement and visiting nobilia’s headquarters in Verl during Haus Fair in the Fall of 2024. Winners will be announced in person at the nobilia booth mid-morning at 11 AM on Thursday, February 29.

Recap of 2023’s Journey

In 2023, nobilia North America took five exceptional interior designers on a transformative week-long journey to Germany. Winners, selected at KBIS, immersed themselves in German culture, architecture, and design, gaining a deeper appreciation for nobilia European Kitchen Furniture. Highlights included architectural tours, museum visits, and an exploration of the enduring impact of the Bauhaus movement. You can read more about the Inaugural trip here.

Discover Innovation and Inspiration at nobilia’s KBIS 2024 Booth

nobilia’s design philosophy, “Be Inspired,” seamlessly integrates technology, sustainability, flexibility, organization, personalization, nature, and culture. Each vignette at the booth showcases a unique aspect of this philosophy, creating a transformative experience for visitors.

Highlights at the Booth:

  • Be Inspired by Innovation: Explore advanced technologies seamlessly integrated into modern kitchen designs, including smart appliances, interactive surfaces, and automated features.
  • Be Inspired by Nature: Embrace sustainability with kitchen designs that incorporate eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient appliances, and biophilic elements, bringing the beauty of nature into the kitchen environment.
  • Be Inspired by Personalization: Discover versatile and multi-functional spaces, along with the importance of self-expression in design. Explore kitchens that resonate with individuality, combining functionality with emotional meaning.

Visit nobilia at KBIS 2024

Don’t miss the chance to be inspired! Visit nobilia’s booth #N339 and explore a world where innovation and inspiration converge in the realm of European Kitchen Furniture.

Preview the excitement that awaits you as one of the 5 lucky winners of #destinationnobilia by watching our highlight video! Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity – make sure to enter during KBIS 2024!

About nobilia

nobilia was founded in 1945 by brothers Johann and Willy Stickling and has since grown to become the worldwide market leader for kitchen furniture with customers in over 90 countries across all continents. nobilia manufactures exclusively at two locations in Germany, producing over 3,500 kitchens daily. For more than 75 years, nobilia kitchens have delivered up-to-date personalized design, outstanding brand quality and superb value. Still family-owned and operated, the nobilia culture honors and respects its long-lasting and close customer relationships around the globe. Visit nobiliaNorthAmerica.com to learn more.