nobilia Wellness Highlights

Miami, FL – (January 27, 2021) – How do you define your dream kitchen? Today, elements of wellness factor into design decisions, and nobilia highlights a few ideas that may soon be considered the new essentials at home:


Who wouldn’t want a kitchen that makes the daily work routine as comfortable as possible and which uses the latest state-of-the-art technology? That means minimizing legwork and adapting working heights for kitchen users. For nobilia, considerations include:

  • Determine correct working height for individual kitchen activities
  • Plan sink bottom based on correct working heights
  • Observe active heights for activities like prepping and cooking
  • Plan for sufficient headroom
  • Foot-activated sensors for pull-outs
  • Accessibility from all sides

Lighting Design

An optimum lighting plan is indispensable in the kitchen. The right lighting concept supports optimum working conditions and effectively showcases your kitchen.


  • Ensure that work area lighting is uniform and shadow-free as much as possible in order to optimize day-to-day tasks in the kitchen.
  • In addition to general room lighting, create additional small islands of light mainly near the seating areas in the kitchen to encourage comfortable ambience.

Thanks to efficient LED technology and modern control options, this can be realized simply and cost-effectively. For nobilia, wall units can be custom-updated with integrated lighting systems in the bottom and/or top shelves, as well as in bottom panels. This addresses the desire for efficient and consistent illumination of individual work areas and activity zones.

Storage Solutions for Simpler Living

We all have a look in mind when it comes to our dream kitchen – though sometimes it’s what we find inside that counts the most! The quality and purpose of what’s behind the doors and drawers is often most important to a kitchen that works smart on our behalf. For nobilia, that includes:

  • Internal drawers and organizers
  • Corner units
  • Larders
  • Full pull-outs with baskets
  • Electric all-purpose slicers
  • And more.

(Shown: Aerial view of kitchen w/doors & drawers open; electric slicer pull-out)