nobilia North America’s Look on Industrial Modern Kitchens

nobilia brings strong texture and bold ideas into your kitchen

Miami, Florida (June 8, 2023) – nobilia, the world’s largest manufacturer of European Kitchen Furniture, presents strong textures with their concrete and stone reproduction collections. All are built on the latest directions driving modern design and align particularly with the individualism of tomorrow.

Strong in Concrete

Concrete is on-trend and offers lots of room to play with when it comes to design. nobilia’s Speed 288 is characterized by its easy-care properties and its durable and robust quality surface. The front is coated on both sides with melamine resin and an all-round polymer step edge is provided in the same color as the front. The dark fronts in black concrete reproduction with rounded edges are not only easy to clean and to care for, but also put on a strong performance. Combine the black concrete reproduction surface with yellow-gold metal handles to achieve maximum beauty and exclusivity in the kitchen.

nobilia’s expressive concrete decors that pay visual tribute to the urban lifestyle are just as versatile as life itself. There is a shade to suit every taste, from white concrete to the homely and warm color scheme of terra grey.

RIVA 891 creates a cool concrete mix. The fronts in white concrete reproduction are a stylish and modern choice for your kitchen design. They add an urban flair with a warm aesthetic.

Natural tones always radiate a certain homeliness. RIVA 842 allows you to lean into texture, shape, or finish to elevate a space without requiring a major or costly update.  A design that focuses on the holistic aspect. The concrete shade sand used on the fronts and the large-format sliding doors in sand-colored tones blend in perfectly with one another. As they do with the décor of the worktop with its real ceramic surface.

Grey is modern. Grey is stylish. Grey is on trend – just like our kitchen design RIVA 889. Clean lines, exquisite materials and structured architecture, the fronts in slate grey concrete sets visual highlights in the ambiance of the room. The smooth, flawless surfaces enable you to customize your kitchen to your preferences all while using design and function.

RIVA 892 comes in an authentic-looking concrete grey reproduction. The different layers of grey graduate to white through different materials and finishes, defining the style and transforming the space, adding character, individuality, and timeless elegance.

RIVA 839 in concrete Terra grey reproduction provides a textured look and unique touch in combination with other concrete and stone finishes.

New for 2023

Concrete has established itself not only in architecture but also in interior design. StoneArt 305 Taupe grey basalt completes nobilia’s StoneArt range of coating materials and is attractive thanks to its depth, and authentic surface texture, which is reminiscent of real stone. StoneArt is especially resistant to scratches and impacts thanks to the high-quality laminate and excels overall in daily use with its strong durability. The taupe grey basalt décor is also available as an Xtra worktop and is the perfect color match to the new Easytouch in taupe grey.

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nobilia was founded in 1945 by brothers Johann and Willy Stickling and has since grown to become the worldwide market leader for kitchen furniture with customers in over 90 countries across all continents. nobilia manufactures exclusively at two locations in Germany, producing over 3,500 kitchens daily. For more than 75 years, nobilia kitchens have delivered up-to-date personalized design, outstanding brand quality and superb value. Still family-owned and operated, the nobilia culture honors and respects its long-lasting and close customer relationships around the globe.