A Taste of The Holidays

Holiday Kitchen Essentials

nobilia north america holiday kitchen

nobilia’s European Kitchen Furniture is the perfect addition to any household that loves to host holiday festivities. Baking dozens of your favorite cookie recipes, stirring up delicious festive cocktails, or roasting that perfect seasonal meal – the following solutions of European Kitchen Furniture can help you conquer the holiday season with a breeze:

Ergonomically Friendly

ergonomic kitchen cabinets

nobilia North America’s lift up cabinets and sensor operated pull out drawers make it easier for any family member of any age to be able to get to cooking essentials.

Well Organized Kitchen

kitchen drawer organization system

nobilia’s wide variety of organization fittings and storage solutions make it easy to find exactly what you are looking for! No more hunting for the right size teaspoon. It also makes it even easier for cleaning up the kitchen.

Damage Resistant

nobilia water resistant countertop

nobilia North America’s damage resistant countertops provide homeowners with ease! Now, no matter who is cooking in the kitchen, you at least have some reassurance that your space will look exactly as it did when you first started the holiday festivities.

Integrated Lighting

integrated kitchen cabinet lighting

Nobilia’s integrated lighting makes it simple to see all aspects of your kitchen. Even when it’s time to sneak in for a midnight snack. Now it’s time to put these solutions to the test. The one thing we can count on this holiday season to bring us together is the festive treats we know and love. Our nobilia family, near and far, have pulled together some of their favorite seasonal recipes from across the globe. Bringing us all a little closer with our connected love of food. Dive into our favorite seasonal spreads: Download Cookbook