European Kitchen Furniture

What Is European Kitchen Furniture?

European Kitchen Furniture is the modern and definitive solution for the streamlined organization. With a premium on durability, European Kitchen Furniture features near endless possibilities, and thanks to its engineered design, provides a quick and seamless installation process.

Foundational Elements of European Kitchen Furniture

What makes European Kitchen Furniture so innovative and durable? There are four universal truths about the category of European Kitchen Furniture:



we think about Flexibility, we think about the ability to adapt to a variety of living environments. Components can be reconfigured and are easily removed and moved as spaces need to adjust. All components are built on a consistent grid-based concept unlike anything seen in traditional cabinetry.

In Europe, it’s common for entire kitchens to be moved from home to home, and while that level of flexibility hasn’t made its way stateside yet, European Kitchen Furniture is primed to adapt and grow with you, your family, your clients, and your customers.

Intelligent Construction


European Kitchen Furniture is streamlined – in look, engineering and manufacture. The philosophy of Intelligent Construction maximizes every bit of the component capabilities, including offering more storage space through full-access design.

Modular units stand on legs and pillars to prevent water seepage and to allow for easy leveling of floor components. Plinth panels unify the horizontal lines and technologically-advanced materials that meet stringent global sustainability requirements and are incredibly durable. This allows for optimized construction in the plant and on the job site. Additionally, installation is clean and simple and doesn’t require a master carpenter or cabinet-maker skills.

Personalized Components


European Kitchen Furniture offers personalized components to fit various lifestyles. A variety of finishes and materials may be selected to create modules and components that are unique and also maintain the integrity of Intelligent Construction.

And, with thousands of different components and configurations, European Kitchen Furniture is built with decades of engineering know-how that has perfected the art of component construction to a literal science.

User-Centered Design


And finally, European Kitchen Furniture delivers on User-Centered Design principles, offering options for accessibility and Universal Design. Components are ergonomic, adjusting for various height needs. Innovative storage and flap systems, along with integrated lighting make interaction comfortable and efficient.

European Kitchen Furniture offers an entirely different concept for homeowners looking for contemporary, durable and adaptable components – a new approach to today’s simplified living.